Sister Corita's Rules to Live By

The Dog Days of Summer & Sister Corita’s Rules

In the off chance that you may have never stumbled upon Sister Corita Kent’s rules, I thought I would post a photograph I took of them in 2011. Sister Corita created them for the art department of The Immaculate Heart College in 1967, and they are a solid set of suggestions to try and live by. The now defunct […]

Me Made May'15 & a #YearOfMaking So Far

Me Made May ’15 & #YearOfMaking So Far

When I embarked on a #YearOfMaking (YoM) last year, I really had no expectations about what it would be or do do for my life. The only real idea I had was to stay committed. I’m now over 4 months into the project and I’m absolutely ecstatic with what I’ve learned, achieved, and reawakened within […]

Cultivate Community, Not Likes.

Cultivate Community, Not Likes

You see, I’m learning, very (too) slowly at times, that my very best and most important work is not related to how many people I can impact through social media but rather my investments and commitments to the few people in my life that I can impact with maximal effect; those that I have direct and relationally-bound influence. I […]

What I learned with my first Periscope broadcast

Broadcasting on Periscope: What I Learned Today

I broadcasted my first, real Periscope live-stream today. It was nerve-wracking, distracting, and thrilling. Periscope is a new app that allows its users to broadcast and live stream video from their phone anywhere, doing anything to their followers. Twitter bought the platform and rolled it out at the end of March. There is also another service called Meerkat […]

Things I brought home with me from #Craftcation15

Things I Learned at #Craftcation15

Last week I flew to Ventura, CA. to attend Craftcation15. In its 4th year, Craftcation is a conference dedicated to small business owners who work within the creative industry. Billed as an event that “ignites the entrepreneurial spirit, strengthens craft and business skills and builds relationships in the creative community.” I can safely assure you that this is […]

Win Kari Chapin's CreativeLive Class Start a Handmade Business

Giveaway: Kari Chapin’s Start a Handmade Business from CreativeLive

***The contest is now closed! The 3 winners are Ariel, Benbartthebarbarian, and Pollthurston! You can see the Number Generator here – everyone was added by the time stamp on their post. Thank you so much for taking part!*** Last week Christina Loff from CreativeLive joined me on the podcast (its below if you missed it). She shares smart […]

Waterlogue App

Waterlogue App

Last spring Pugly Pixel posted about the Waterlogue app. I was immediately intrigued that an app turns your photos into really pretty watercolor-esque paintings. At the time I had an Android phone, so I was unable to buy the app and check it out (Yes, its only available on iOS, sadly). Welp, my Android just […]

One of my very favorite pieces of art, by the wonderful Clifton Burt

What I’ve Learned So Far in 6 Weeks of a #YearOfMaking

Last year, after reading Kim Werker’s book, Make It Mighty Ugly, and subsequently interviewing her, I decided to commit to a year of making. (Read about my reasonings for starting the project here.) I’m not really sure what I expected, but I did know I had trepidation about my commitment. In the past I’ve often told myself […]

Workaholism & My Slow Road to Real Productivity - Meighan O'Toole

Workaholism & My Slow Road to Real Productivity

I was a workaholic for years and years. It was something that I took pride in for a very long time. I knew on some level that it was an issue for me: that I worked too long of a day, that it cut into my personal and social life, that it left me feeling empty in […]

Save content with Pocket

Saving Content with Pocket

I often get asked how I keep track of all of the content I find online. I have one word for you, Pocket. Pocket is a lifesaver. It’s an app that saves any website page you visit with one click. It’s basically a bookmarking site that lives online. I’ve used the website since 2011 and its […]