Learn How to Build and Maintain a Successful Creative Online Business

Learn how joining Twitter chats can help you network and establish yourself!

Twitter Chats: How to Join, & Why You Should!

Twitter chats are an excellent way to connect to industry peers, learn for free, establish yourself, and share information. I’ve loved Twitter chats for a very long time, and have joined in with them often in the past. I’ve always wanted to host one, but never had the time. But I’m making time for one now, […]

How the Pomodoro Technique saves me time and keeps me focused.

How the Pomodoro Timer Saves Me Time & Keeps Me Focused

When I first started working for myself in 2012, I wasted so much time online. It’s a reality when you work for yourself; if you’re not disciplined with time you can really hurt your business. After wasting literally hours in social media rabbit holes I realized I was going to be out of a job […]

Everyone is going crazy about Instagram Stories. They're fun! But are they right for your business? Defining your overall social media strategy can help keep chaos and confusion at bay when new platforms and features pop up.

The Importance of Strategy & Your Online Presence

Something I see time and time again when a new feature or a new platform appears online is a flurry of confusion and excitement: Should I join this? Should I do this? Do I need to be on Ello? Do I need to be on here? And on and on. My friend Nicole, of Dear Handmade […]

How to handle social media during a tragic event.

How to Handle Social Media During a Tragic Event

When tragedy strikes one of the last things we think about is our social media content. And too right. But, if you’re a business online, it actually might be something you want to think about immediately, if only to keep your business from coming over as tone deaf or insensitive during a tragic event. I […]

When starting out in business, many of us worry about annoying people, or being too sales-y, when positioning our businesses online. We worry that we’ll lose followers or people won’t like us anymore. I’ve learned how to quell a lot of these voices once they start. They may appear, but I do not let them fester. And I don’t want them to fester for you either. Because those voices want you to lose. They want you to give up.

The Reality of Losing Followers: #ByeFelicia

Losing followers is all part of the game. There is no nice way around it. It brings up a lot of garbage, for pretty much…everyone. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think about this or who hasn’t been affected in some way shape or form by lost followers. But at the end of the day, […]

Don't fall for these myths regarding social media, they'll only hold you back.

Common Misconceptions About Social Media

I spend a lot of time debunking misconceptions related to social media. It’s just become part and parcel of my job. Today I want to discuss some of the misunderstandings I hear often, if only to help you build your own career or business online and dismiss the noise. I believe there’s many reasons that myths and […]

Periscope is a dynamic platform, giving you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Is it right for your business?

Using Periscope for Your Business (& Free Checklist!)

Have you been watching others broadcast on Periscope, or hearing all about how great the new platform is and wondered if it’s right for your business? (Editor’s Note: A version of this post originally appeared on Dear Handmade Life) Periscope has gotten really hot since it launched just a year ago. Let’s talk about what Periscope is […]

Don't leave conferences and business events the only place where you learn and network. Continuing your professional development and building your community should never stop.

Keeping Energy & Momentum in Your Business

Every time I leave a conference, I feel exhilarated!  Once home I start to apply everything I’ve learned, and try and harness that energy. In the past, its faded after a few weeks, but over the past year I’ve learned how to keep the momentum going. An important part of being a successful business owner, I’ve […]

Coming up with content for your newsletter can be hard in the beginning. But once you get started you'll see how much there really is to write about!

7 Types of Content for Your Newsletter

Is figuring out what to send to your email list holding you back from sending out a consistent newsletter? You’re not alone! This is one of the biggest issues I hear from businesses embarking on email marketing. Something I hear often from clients, workshop attendees, and people interested in starting an email list is that they fear […]