The Freedom of Systems: Saving Time & Bringing Sanity Back Into My Business

The Freedom of Systems: Saving Time & Bringing Sanity Back Into My Business

If there’s one thing that led to a pretty big shift in my business (and my mindset), it was implementing simple, repeatable systems.

I know, when I say the word “systems” I’ve probably already lost you.

But hold tight.

Let me try this instead: last year, the back end of my business was NOT working. In fact, it was wasting my time and draining the life out of me and my business. And most importantly taking the focus off of what I loved doing.

Sound familiar?

Freedom or being chained to my desk? Hard to tell!

The Freedom of Systems: Saving Time & Bringing Sanity Back Into My Business | Meighan O'Toole

Yes, I’m an organized person. But my idea of organization in my business was not efficient at all. I had no process for how I worked. I was basically reinventing the wheel every single time I did something in my business: onboarding clients, writing a blog post, creating a product or new service, writing my newsletter, you name it.

I was spending too much time in the nitty-gritty of my business.

Meanwhile: tick, tock.

  • Blog posts in Google Drive

  • Checklists in Asana

  • Contracts and client exercises in Dropbox

  • Notes and research in Evernote

  • Image templates in Dropbox

  • Blog ideas on a scrap of paper on my desk

  • That one piece of code I clue where to find it

  • Oh look, a whole new tool to try out!

I had all of these tools and was using none of them effectively.

Is this sounding more and more familiar?

I don’t know about you but I started my own business to be MORE free, not to trap myself in a high-stress, paper-pushing, way-more-than-full-time job.

I started working for myself to get away from grumpy people, not become one.

I kept hearing everyone talk about “systems” and I thought “WTF is a system? And how do I get one?” I have a notebook, a to-do list app, a calendar, I’m organized as this a system?!

As someone who's most likely never used the word “hustle” to describe my business - this felt a lot like that. Nothing about it felt good or something I wanted to brag about. But I had no idea how to change things.


How a business hub changed my life overnight

In every business there are things that we do all of the time. Streamlining those actions into a system is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.

Keeping everything in one place is even better.

That's where creating a business hub for my business really saved me and breathed new life into how I work.

Before systems, a period my friend James (I’ll introduce you to him below) likes to refer to as ‘BS,’ I just kept at the grind thinking there has to be an easier way to all of this. But as we all know nothing changes, if nothing changes.

And then I discovered a course called Asana for Small Business, that literally overnight changed how I worked in my business.

It blew my mind and transformed how I worked. It allowed me to get serious about saving time and becoming more efficient where I could in my business.

And I really want you to experience this too.

Over the month of May, I'm creating a few free workshops that will help you in your small business. Last week, I taught you how to use Google Analytics in your marketing. And because I now know what a difference effective systems can make in our businesses, I thought teaching a workshop on systems would be helpful.

But I've got something even better!

My friends James & Sveta from Systems Matter (the people behind the course I told you about) have actually offered to come in and teach you themselves next Wednesday, May 16th.

And because we know that everyone works differently, we want to hear how you work first.

We’d love it if you took 2 minutes to take this super quick quiz.

It'll give you an idea of what tool is best for you, and it'll help us tailor the workshop to your needs so you get the most out of it.

Once we get your answers, we'll fill you in on the details of the workshop. Thanks so much!