75+ Tools & Resources for Your Online Business

75+ Tools & Resources for Your Online Business

I suffer from shiny object syndrome so you don't have to. I love exploring SaaS (software as a service), tech resources, and online tools, to find out what works best for your small businesses and your budget.

And when I remember, I love sharing that info with you. But in the past, I've just shared links, images, and info in one-off posts or a newsletter. But for the longest time, I've wanted to compile a list of all of the tools I use and recommend to my clients as a resource for you all in one place - and I've finally done it!

These are a few of my favorite things! 

75+ Tools & Resources for Your Online Business | Meighan O'Toole

A few things, the list offers links to social media tools and resources, marketing tools, content creation tools (like image editing apps, copyright free images, course platforms, etc.), design resources, and so much more.

I created the list in Airtable, which is a database/spreadsheet nerd's dream platform (another one of my new to me tools I have been yelling from the rooftops about). When I discovered Airtable, I knew that this would be one of the first free resources I created for you because it is so easy to use and look at. 😍

Each resource offers the category for your business, the resource, notes on the resource, it's pricing and lastly a link.

There are a few affiliate links in the spreadsheet. But I never share anything I have not used or believe in. Please consider using the affiliate links to help support my business. I appreciate it! Most of the links are non-affiliate though.

Also, this list just has the tools and resources I use and recommend. It is by no means the definitive list of online tools for small businesses. I wanted to create a resource that informs and doesn't overwhelm you. So I kept it to all of the tools I use personally, currently, or have researched and used for my clients. (And this goes without saying, but if you're using something you love - leave a comment below.)

I hope this resource helps you to find that one tool you've been looking for. Or if you're just starting to build your business online, that it will give you the tools you need to get started immediately.