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Grow Your Business Further with These 12 Actions

Growing a business online (and off) is a multitude of small continuous steps. Steps that lead to progress and outcomes. But sometimes when we’re in the thick of it, it can be easy to let things slide or completely skip steps that lead to building our reach further.

Here's Why You Should Stop Saying “I Hate Marketing”

I hear it all of the time from people: “I hate marketing.” Or some other rendition of why they don’t “do” marketing or why it doesn’t work for them. And maybe once upon a time I would let it slide. But friend, no more. We’re coming up on a new year and I’m not going to let you work with the same ol’ mind tricks anymore.

Because if nothing changes, nothing changes. And telling yourself you hate marketing is not serving you, and it’s certainly not helping your business.

Social Media is Not Your Only Answer

We need to get real about something. Social media is not the end all and be all of your marketing and business building efforts.

There are many other marketing channels you should be putting your efforts into beyond social media.

Yes, social media is an invaluable tool in your business, but that's all it is: a tool. It shouldn't be your only marketing and outreach effort, and if it is, you're laying your foundation on a house of cards.

How I'm Growing My Instagram & the Strategy I'm Using

In May, I decided to walk the talk: create a strictly business Instagram account. I'm always sharing with my clients and students that if they have an Instagram account to be very clear about what they post there, and to be consistent within their posting.

I am embarrassed to say, I was doing none of that for years on my original Instagram account, and it was driving me nuts (and doing literally nothing for my business. More on why below.)

5 Things to Never Do in Your Email Marketing

There are 5 things I still see small businesses and individuals continually doing through email marketing that hurt their reputation.

I want to get any shaming out of the way. This post isn't written to make you feel bad, it's to educate you and give you the information you need to change the bad practices you have in place. It's strictly to layout why these actions go against best practices, and to offer you examples as to why having an email marketing platform is key for your business.