3 Things Almost Everyone Deals with When Creating an Online Presence

I’ve learned in the almost 5 years I’ve been in business that most businesses face similar stumbling blocks. There’s nothing very special or unique about these situations. Almost every business goes through them.

One of the things I love most about helping people is letting them know they’re not alone. That we all go through this stuff. And there are almost always answers to help us.

Here are 3 common themes I see a lot, have experienced myself, and have helped many others move past.

When It's Time to Level Up in Your Business

Last week, I shared with you my big a-ha moment when I realized that I was operating within my business under the expectations that it was *not* going to succeed.

I wasn't failing at or even really sabotaging what I was doing, but my overall attitude was that my business wasn’t going to “make it” long term.

Every decision I made was with hesitation, fear, and uncertainty.

Instead of leading with: this will help me ensure that success happens, I led with a negative mindset. It was a very backwards way to run a business - but it turns out, it’s very common.

Being Clear About What You Want

“When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific.” - Lily Tomlin

I've been reading The 12 Week Year, and besides it blowing my mind on how to stay organized around goals, it's making me think a lot about being very real, and very honest with myself about what it is exactly I want in my business.

I know quotes can feel like empty platitudes, especially on the Internet. But they're everywhere because they speak to us.

This quote from Lily Tomlin really hit me as I read it in The 12 Week Year. It made me think about focus, and how important it is to be honest with yourself about who you really want to be in this world.

What to Do When You're Stuck or Distracted in Your Business

Do you ever get stuck in your business, and are unsure what your next right step is? Ever feel like there's just too much to do, so you just freeze? Leaving hours or even sometimes days where you feel like nothing is getting done?

Been there!

One of the things I deal with often with clients and students that want to start their business or take it up a notch (because honestly everyone deals with this) is that they tend to get overwhelmed with ALL OF THE THINGS.