"Add Value." WTF Does that Even Mean?


You'll hear many marketers or strategists say "add value" when you're creating content for your online presence.

But WTF does that even mean?

While it seems like just another annoying buzzword (which to be fair, it is), the reality is that adding value is something you should absolutely be doing when you create and share content for your business.

The best way to begin to understand what this means is to think objectively about your content. What does your content do for your followers, audience, and customers? How does it benefit them?


For example, my goal is to help you create the best online presence you can for your business. Adding value within my content means giving my followers information that supports this process: helping you build your business. This can be resources, access to inside info, tips, education, etc. The point is that it underlines what I do as a business and gives something to my audience that helps them. See how that works?

Adding value isn't about giving discounts or offering your wares cheaply. Adding value is creating an environment online that supports your business goals, values, and mission and in turn, gives your customer something. Keep in mind though, "something" does not equal free shit 😉.

It's creating content that speaks to your followers AND underlines your business.

There's many, many ways to provide value through content. And it's different for each audience.

When you're stumped about adding value ask yourself: how would my ideal customer respond to this? What am I giving my customer with this content? How is it valuable? How does it relate to them AND my business. What is the point to this?

Your content could be adding value by sharing your beautiful new product or art piece and then offering immediate access to buying it. It could be sharing an image of one of your clients wearing new earrings that you recently offered.

Don't overthink it. Remember your followers are there to get more of you. Ask yourself the above questions when you're stuck.