Distraction, Overwhelm, & Self-Care Online

Feeling overwhelmed online happens to everyone. Here are questions and suggestions to help break the cycle in the moment.

Recently I happened upon this really helpful list of things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and want to give up. This document really spoke to me so I shared it on my personal FB page and as of today it has over 91 likes and 205 shares. So, it's clearly something people need.

I have struggled in the past with being really hard on myself and at times not taking care of myself. Self-care has become a big part of my adult life, and I'm often tweaking how I work to be better, kinder, and nicer to myself.

I really loved how this list spoke to so many people and that it offers really simple ways to take care of yourself in times of darkness. But what I loved most beyond that is that it encourages you to make your own list and expand on it. With this in mind it prompted me to really think about self-care online and how I can contribute my own list to help you (and remind me) when we're wasting time, clicking around aimlessly, or feeling discouraged and overwhelmed online.

It happens to everyone. I know this because feelings of overwhelm, inadequacies, and distraction are some of the constant threads I see and hear when I coach clients, teach workshops, or simply talk to people about being online. With these thoughts in mind and the above self-care PDF as a template, I created a list to help you. You can view and download it here, or just click on the below image.


My friend Ashley is a huge self care advocate, and she is really instrumental in helping me to focus on it being at the forefront of how I live every day. I don't always succeed, but that's what is absolutely fantastic about self-care -- you can start over at any point.

I want to make a special mention and thank you to members of my Facebook Group that helped me add to my original list by offering some of their own ways they refocus online.

Did I leave anything out? What would you add? Why don't you create your own list? If you do, leave a link below or tag me on Twitter.

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.