Here’s Why You Need to Do Those Damn Brand Exercises

Diving in and getting started growing your business online can feel incredibly easy and fun. Until it’s not. You throw up some content. Send out a newsletter. Write a blog post and wait. But suddenly you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for.

You find yourself struggling.

You wind up frustrated and wondering why things aren’t working as you had expected.

And there’s most likely a very real reason why it’s become difficult.

You haven’t clarified your brand strategy.

Brand strategy exercises are foundational experiences every business should undergo if they want to remain clear and driven online. These exercises allow you to outline literally who you are as a business; a roadmap for how you exist online.

However, too often I see small businesses trying to grow their business online completely bypass these.

Trust me, I will be the first to admit that when I started my business in 2012, I basically did everything wrong. In fact, I didn’t outline my brand strategy until about 2-3 years into my business.

I stumbled through figuring it out and it cost me a lot of time, energy, and clients.

Do not do this!

Working on your brand strategy tenets for your business will give you unbelievable clarity and direction. And save you so much frustration and time.

Clarity comes from within


One of the biggest stumbling blocks I see when working with small businesses that want to grow their business online is they feel they have nothing to say or they’re unclear or inconsistent in their messaging.

My first question to them is always have they outlined their WHY, and their mission, vision, and values.

Almost always the answer is no.

Herein lies the problem.

Look, I totally get it, you hate marketing. This all feels a wee bit too shiny happy corporate people for most or it’s simply cumbersome and annoying. But the reality is working on your brand strategy tenets will give you unbelievable clarity and direction. And save you so much frustration and time.

Immediate clarity in your messaging

When you sit down and do the work on what your branding strategy looks like everything becomes incredibly clearer. And you’ll save a shit ton of time.

Trust me.

You’ll start to see patterns and threads that offer you insight into how you’ll grow your business online. How you’ll speak to your audience. What you’ll rail on about and what you’ll ignore.

Getting clear on your WHY, missions, vision, and values allows you the opportunity to see what really matters to you. Because it’s not always clear when you are in the thick of it. These exercises offer you the clarity on how to communicate succinctly to your audience and prospective clients what matters most to you and why you do what you do (re: why they should work with you!).

Understanding, envisioning, and living your brand strategy allows you to get super clear on what your messaging is and how it translates to what you offer. Not to mention it’ll rid you of feeling annoying or too sales-y.

Just do the damn work

You have my permission to skip outlining your brand strategy, if only so you’ll learn a hard lesson. But I really don’t want for you what I did.

Trust me when I tell you that drilling down and defining your brand strategy will save you years of frustration and mistakes.

But beyond that, by doing this work it will become clearer and clearer to you what you will talk about within your marketing and what you won’t. It offers you a platform that will resonate with the right people. And it will be a guiding light for you when you feel unclear or muddied.

It will allow you to focus on what truly matters to you, and in doing so it’ll set you apart in a sea of noise.

Because I’m so passionate about this, I’m offering an upcoming masterclass! Grow Your Brand: The 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Brand Message that Resonates. Learn more about it here.