When It's Time to Level Up in Your Business


Last week, I shared with you my big a-ha moment when I realized that I was operating within my business under the expectations that it was *not* going to succeed.

I wasn't failing at or even really sabotaging what I was doing, but my overall attitude was that my business wasn’t going to “make it” long term.

Every decision I made was with hesitation, fear, and uncertainty.


Instead of leading with: this will help me ensure that success happens, I led with a negative mindset. It was a very backwards way to run a business - but it turns out, it’s very common.

The right mindset

I know why I did it.

I thought that if I assumed I would succeed, that when I did fail I would be that much more crushed. My mindset was a sort of “expect the worst, hope for the best” scenario. It was a defense mechanism.

This kind of mindset is not a recipe for long term success to put it mildly.

However, it should be said that there was a small voice in me that knew I could do better and it kept me pushing to succeed. I just had that bizarre disclaimer in the back of my head.

I bet you have that voice in you too. That you know you can succeed. That you know you can get better at what you do.

We all do.

It’s quintessential to being human, unless you’re a narcissist and you just expect those around you to do better. But I’m guessing you’re not.

Understanding You Don't Know It All

There’s one adage that comes to mind when I share the above experience for me:

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

When I finally hit a plateau and realized, OK I’m not being honest with myself about what I really want. This ridiculous mindset of expect the worst, hope for the best was not moving me forward.

This is when I started to take my myself and my business more seriously.

I started to invest in it and me.

I started to think about the long game, and what I truly wanted for me and my business. And despite my ego’s best efforts my business wassucceeding. But it could be doing better.

Yet, like the quote above says: I still didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I wasn’t going to get there anytime soon until I sought help from someone that knew more than me.

The breaking point

I was reminded over the weekend by Facebook's normally horrifying On This Day feature that I showed up at SCORE last year in June to finally start getting help. This action started me on a larger journey to seek even more help.

This breaking point happens in many businesses. It’s about hitting a point where you say to yourself: OK I want to move forward, but I don’t know how. I know I have it in me - but I just have no idea how to get from here to there.


This was my real goal for creating my course Social⚡️Strategy⚡️Success. I wanted to create a course that not only helped people lay the foundation for their online presence, but also give them the tools to think strategically about their business, their goals, and what they wanted to build online long term. And deliver it in a way that truly helped them.

I wanted to create a course that went far beyond just social media. I wanted to create a course that when people took it they told their friends. And that's what happened with the previous iteration of Social⚡️Strategy⚡️Success. So, I'm pretty excited to see what this reimagined course will do.

Is it time for you to take it up a notch?

Have you hit a wall in your business like the one I described above? Are you tired of being tired?

Ask yourself:

  • Can you do better in your business?

  • Are you holding yourself back?

  • Do you need help?

  • Are you tired of doing this on your own?

If you said yes to any or all, I hope you’ll consider joining me and the other students for the Summer session of Social⚡️Strategy⚡️Success.

Registration opens on Wednesday of this week, and is only open for 48 hours.

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Get off the hamster wheel and invest in yourself and your business! Take it from someone who has been there: you deserve it.

I hope you’ll take the next step in your business with us! Class starts two weeks from today! (P.S. It's go at your own pace! So if you've got summer plans, no problem. You'll be able to take part!)