Continuing to Build a Business Online with Content, Engagement, & Perspective


There's many recurring themes I experience when helping small businesses establish themselves online. One of the most popular dilemmas I hear is the notion of thinking they don't know what to post or what to say on their blog, in their newsletter, or on social media.

I'm here to tell you that you're underestimating yourself. You have plenty to talk about and a lot to say. You just need to narrow in on the type of content that supports your business and reframe your thinking.

I'm willing to bet that all that's going on is a little performance anxiety and a little overthinking it.

I see it all the time.

Here are a few tips to help you approach creating content, building engagement, and reframing your perspective as you continue to establish your business online with content.


Every piece of content should have a goal behind it

Each piece of content you share or write should relate to your business in some way. Be deliberate about the content you share and write, ensure it relates or ties back to your business in some way.

Resist the urge to share content that doesn't have a goal for your busines behind it.

Social media is addictive because of the immediate interaction it offers. Refrain from seeking this type of engagement by sharing content haphazardly. This goes for writing a blog post or a newsletter too.

Pro-tip: Create an editorial calendar or a document where you can brain dump ideas.

Be ruthless about how you represent your business online through your content.

Think of your spaces online as a sales room floor

As you actively build a following, expand your brand reach, and drive traffic and sales with your content - you should most definitely be cultivating an atmosphere of welcome.

Think of your blog, newsletter, and social accounts as a virtual sales floor.

If someone were to walk into your place of business, and they said something you wouldn't ignore them!

Be warm. Let people know you hear them.

It also behooves you on social media to get in there and engage with comments due to the fact that all platforms now have algorithms. When activity (likes, comments, shares) start to happen algorithms acknowledge this by pushing that piece of content in front of more people, giving it more reach.

Not only does engaging spread good will for your business, it literally helps you get more eyes on your content, and in turn on your business.

Understand who you are speaking to online

Sure you can't help who follows you online, but you can curate and create content that will attract the right people.

There are so many ways to figure out who your ideal follower is, but I would encourage you to look close to home. Look at who has bought from you in the past. Sit down and identify who your ideal customer or client is, reach out to past customers and ask if you can interview them. This will help you enormously when thinking of what types of content you should be sharing online.

Having a few specific people in mind as you create content will allow you to narrow in on the kinds of content that will speak to your ideal follower.

Rinse & repeat!

As your business continues to grow online, your content and audience may change. Don't get complacent. Keep an eye on what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to try new things. Stay curious, and continue to get outside your comfort zone.

You absolutely know what to post, you just need to get clear and narrow in what works best for your business. You can do this!