Grow Your Business Further with These 12 Actions

12 Actions to Further Your Brand Reach

Growing a business online (and off) is a multitude of small continuous steps. Steps that lead to progress and outcomes. But sometimes when we’re in the thick of it, it can be easy to let things slide or completely skip steps that lead to building our reach further.

I’m always excited with the new year because I get to look back on the previous year and see what worked, how I’ve grown as a business owner, and implement new changes and challenges in my business.

It’s an exciting time.

But I also know that this time of year can feel overwhelming with all of the promise it brings. So with that in mind, I’ve put together a free download to get you started and dive into and choose a bunch of things you can do to grow your business’ reach into the new year.

Freebie: 12 Actions to Further Your Brand Reach

12 Actions to Further Your Brand Reach offers 12 tactics, tips, and strategies to help you brand your business, get to know your followers, claim your space online, and more.

It’s easy to suffer from shiny object syndrome and believe you need to keep discovering new tools to grow your brand reach, but the reality is you have everything right in front of you RIGHT NOW.
Freebie: 12 Actions to Further Your Brand

Here’s an idea of what I’m covering to help you kick the new year off right:

Being you and owning your voice online

I firmly believe one of the best ways to set yourself apart is to own what makes you unique. In a sea of “girl bosses” and marketing bros people are dying for difference and authenticity. Owning who you are and letting it shine is one of the best things you can do to attract your ideal follower. I offer you two tips on how to do this seamlessly.

Creating a better email marketing strategy

In 12 Actions, I offer 3 awesome tried and tested tips for growing an email list that wants to open your emails, read your content, and buy from you. You’ll learn tips on how create a solid strategy, the best thing to attract your ideal subscribers, and how to get to know the people on your list and what they want to hear about.

Creating a community you crave

There’s so much you can do to build a loyal following and audience that wants to support you - but the very first thing you should be doing out of the gate is ensuring you’re engaging consistently online. In 12 Actions I remind you to get chatty with those that follow you and tips on how to do it easily.

Use the tools in front of you

It’s easy to suffer from shiny object syndrome and believe you need to keep discovering new tools to grow your brand reach, but the reality is you have everything right in front of you RIGHT NOW! I offer up 5 tips that help you attract new followers, get in front of those that are already following you, ways to drive traffic back to your website, and how best to use hashtags.

Down with compare & despair

We all suffer from feeling like we’re not enough online. Hell, I just had a moment last night that was ROUGH! It happens! But it’s up to us to make sure we’re taking care of our mental health and being around people that light us up and don’t bring us down. I get real about a couple of things you can do to make sure you stay on the up and up.

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12 Actions to Further Your Brand Reach

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    No need to do it all RIGHT NOW

    I’ve put together this list so you have actionable tips and suggestions to grow your brand reach even further throughout the year. You don’t need to do everything today, some things you can do immediately, while others are strategies you should implement long term.

    You can pick and choose what you want to do, everything on this list will offer you the chance to position your business to stand out in the crowd. Even though some items are just blips - they all add up.

    I know as a small business owner it can feel like there are 17 million things to get done. But this list is just a diving off point, it’s not meant to add MORE to your to-do list. Everything on here are things you should already be doing or considering in your business.

    Give yourself some quick wins: choose what you can do immediately, and then add the rest to your weekly to-do’s. Remember this is about having more fun in your business and attracting the right client, and building your business. All good stuff! So take your time, and good luck!