What to Do When You're Stuck or Distracted in Your Business


Do you ever get stuck in your business, and are unsure what your next right step is? Ever feel like there's just too much to do, so you just freeze? Leaving hours or even sometimes days where you feel like nothing is getting done?

Been there!

One of the things I deal with often with clients and students that want to start their business or take it up a notch (because honestly everyone deals with this) is that they tend to get overwhelmed with ALL OF THE THINGS.

There can (and is) so much to do in your business. And what this can lead to is total overwhelm.

We want everything to be perfect.


We want to make sure we're doing all the right things.

But instead of getting things done and taking care of business we freeze.

Days go by, and still not much is getting done. A lot of social media rabbit holes are happening. A lot of proverbial paper pushing is happening.

In fact, what's happening is a lot of procrastination.

And what's compounding that is the dread that because nothing is getting done, nothing is happening (ie: action, leads, and sales).

I've been there.

Everyone has been there. And it's part of running a business; making sure you stay focused so you're putting one foot in front of the other and building your business day after day.

Here are things that have helped me get out of the weeds (and what I share with clients too!):

- Let go of making everything "just right": You have to begin to get a better understanding of what to refine, add on, take away, and tweak. Push through the perfection complex. Everyone has this issue and so often I see people holding themselves back from getting started because they need everything to be perfect. It will never be perfect. The goal posts will always be moving! Also? One of the best things about starting out is not many people are paying attention, so this is your time to experiment, try things, and just see what works for you.

- Do the next right thing When you're feeling really overwhelmed by everything you have to do, it's best to keep it simple. Choose only 3 things to do for your day. Get rid of to-do lists for right now. Focus on what is going to get you to the next steps. Start small, and build. Avoid social media at all costs during this time - schedule your social media, or just take some time off.

[Tweet "A pitfall working for yourself: it's easy to let yourself off the hook Don't be a sh*tty employee. You owe it to your boss. 😉"]

- Get into action: One of my very favorite sayings is "Estimable acts create self esteem." This helps me enormously when my brain is keeping me from taking care of business. Because honestly let's call a spade a spade, this is self-sabotage. I know that once I do the thing that will get me to the next step, but hanging out in the meantime - that is fear. Get into action! It will make you feel much better. Better than good!

- Remember how it feels! Pay attention to how you feel when you do get something done. Remember this feeling. So next time you are stuck you know how it feels to get to the other side.

- Stay accountable: Get an accountability partner. Look for someone that is similar to you (you like their style, relate to what they talk about), they can be a bit ahead or a bit behind you in their business. They don't even need to be in your industry. They just need to be someone you can trust, be real with about what's going on, that won't flake, and most importantly will hold you accountable to your goals.

- Just do it: Lastly, make yourself do this stuff. This can be hard, especially when you are overwhelmed or unsure of the next step. The only way out is through!

One of the big pitfalls of working for yourself: it's easy to let yourself off the hook or be lax when things get tough. But don't be a shitty employee. You owe it to your boss. 😉