Streamlining Social Media with IFTTT


Finding ways to streamline your social media and cobble together a few birds with one stone can be overwhelming with all the resources and tools out there. Not to mention the time spent on the learning curve.

I'm a firm believer in sharing tools here that not only help you, but are also worth the time it takes to learn them.

So say hello to your new friend IFTTT.

IFTTT is a powerful platform that offers the ability to connect different apps and websites together to make them work for you in a way that saves you time, and offers new and dynamic ways to use them.

 This powerful platform offers many ways to help streamline your social media!

This powerful platform offers many ways to help streamline your social media!

I wrote about IFTTT a few years ago, both here and here, and in that time its gotten even more powerful, and now offers many more Recipes for apps and websites. Its Recipes span the gamut of help, but one thing I truly love about IFTTT is the numerous social media Recipes they offer.

Below are some of the most used and helpful recipes to help make posting to social media easier.

Automatically Pin Your Instagram Images-There are two sweet little applets that allow the ability to share an Instagram picture to a Pinterest board. The first is automated, posting every single image to a Pinterest board, while the second is triggered by adding the hashtag #pin.

I shared how to easily pin your Instagram pics from your phone to Pinterest, but these applets makes it much easier if you want to share your product. Another option is to share all of your IG photos to one board, and then you can pin from there to other boards - great way to keep your product and services in rotation on Pinterest.

Send Instagram Photos to Facebook Business Page- Do you toggle between sending your IG photos to your personal and business page? It's a pain isn't it? You have to manually switch between the two in your settings. This applet allows IG to post every image to your FB business page.

Send Instagram Photos to Facebook Business Page with a Hashtag Trigger- If you don't want every image from your IG account posted on your Facebook Business page, then this recipe might help you. It allows the use of a dedicated hashtag, meaning every time you want to send an image to your FB business page you tag it with the specified hashtag, and the recipe is triggered to post that image to your FB business page.

Post to Facebook Business Page and LinkedIn Simultaneously - When you post a link to your Facebook Business Page, this applet triggers to post the same link to your LinkedIn Profile. This is a great way to keep both platforms up to date if you're not using a scheduling platform (or if you are, it might be a way to save the use of an account).

Automatically Pin Facebook Photos to Pinterest - Like the applets above (pinning IG photos to Pinterest), this applet allows you to add the hashtag #Pin to your personal Facebook images which then posts them to Pinterest.

Share Instagram pics as Native Twitter Images- This Recipe posts every Instagram image to Twitter as a tweet with a native Twitter pic, the caption, and a link back to the original image on Instagram. If you use this applet, make sure you do not prompt the Twitter button within IG's interface, or you will tweet twice.

Share Instagram Pics as Twitter Images with a Hashtag Trigger- Like the above applet, this posts Instagram images natively to Twitter - the difference here is that you must trigger the process with a pre-selected hashtag. Another thing to keep in mind is that while you get to pick and choose what images you send to Twitter, it doesn't offer the original URL of the image on Instagram. If you use this applet, make sure you do not prompt the Twitter button within IG's interface, or you will tweet twice.

Instagram Video to Twitter- Want to send a visual cue of what your video is about to Twitter? This recipe sends an image of your Instagram video, and a link to your Instagram video.

Instagram Video to Facebook Business Page- Send every Instagram video you post to your Facebook Brand Page for your fans to watch right there.

Post a Thank You to Your Facebook Brand Page Every month (Monthly message)- This applet offers the ability to post a "thank you" to your Facebook Business Page every month, but really you could utilize it for any message. It doesn't just need to be a “Thank You” per se. It could be used as a prompt to sign up for your email newsletter, follow you on another platform, a reminder of your online shop, etc. This could be used for anything...and that's what makes it so fun!

Remind Facebook Fans to Follow you on Twitter - With this applet you can prompt your followers on your Facebook Business Page to follow you on Twitter a few times a week (you can make it every day - but I would advise against that.). Like the above applet you don't necessarily need to use this applet for what it demonstrates, you can put any URL and any copy you want here. This would be an excellent applet if you have product or event launches coming up. Get dynamic!

With all of these Recipes I would encourage you to test them first, and see how they work initially and see how you can realistically and successfully fit them into your social media strategy.

There are a lot of different recipes here, they may not appeal to everyone but they do offer something for almost everyone. See which works for you, and keep an open mind when using them -- are there recipes here that can help make your social media strategy a little more interesting? Are there recipes that will allow you to set it and forget it? Remember you don't need to be on every single social media site, but you also can set automation to some of the sites you use but don't spend a lot of time on.

Questions? Have I missed an applet you use all the time that is a huge time saver? Let me know below!

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.