Let’s Put an End to the Fear of Being Annoying or Too Sales-y

If it’s one stumbling block I see time and time again when growing one’s business online it’s the fear of being annoying and/or too sales-y online. I get it. I see it. And I know it well.

Because I have been there.

One story I love to tell my clients and workshop attendees is that it took me THREE YEARS to mention that I had any services to offer in my newsletter! And I sent it twice a month back then!


Yep. I didn’t want to *annoy* people. I get it, oh boy do I get it. But I also know what a losing mentality this is because it held me back (not to mention the amount of money I left on the table because it!).

I don’t want this for you!

Come from a place of value & annoying people won’t be an issue

Selling our services and running our business is primary. And while sure it’s awesome to make some friends when running a business - that’s not our primary focus. And it damn well shouldn’t be what’s holding you back; fear of alienating people.


Our primary focus as service based businesses is to educate and serve.

Here’s a radical thought for you: you can’t be annoying to the people that want and need your services.

I’m speaking of your ideal client. It’s not possible to annoy them.

It’s kind of like that saying from Dr. Seuss: those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

At all. I know! It’s a radical thought. But it’s very true.

If you’re clear on your message, understand who you’re selling to, and believe in what you’re doing as a business: being annoying shouldn’t enter into the mix.

I know getting used to talking about your business all of the time is an adjustment. But when I say talking about your business, I’m not saying talk about you. I’m saying speaking to your potential clients about what you can do for them and giving them an opportunity to experience it in the moment.

Educate and serve your audience and you will never feel annoying - you will feel great.

Selling is part of the deal, so let’s make it our own shall we?

If you’re not used to talking about what you offer this can feel crazy uncomfortable.

But that’s true with anything.

Here’s the rub; you must talk about your business and sell your services to grow your business. There’s no way around it.

The good news is, people follow you to hear about your business! They are literally, as the kids say: HERE FOR IT.

They’re on your email list to hear about your business.

They’re on your website to hear about your business.

They’re listening to your podcast to hear about your business.

They’re following you on social media to hear about your business.

I have said before that marketing can and is just another way to communicate. All it is is sharing your message, and not doing that is a disservice to your potential clients.

Marketing can be as fun or as gross as you want it.

You are the boss. You get to make it enjoyable experience that your clients love and that you feel good about!

Who actually thinks you’re annoying or too sales-y?

And excuse me, why would you even want these people in your atmosphere? You see my logic here?

Most people when they think about being annoying it’s in this very abstract way. Because they’re not ever actually being annoying to the right people. They have this idea that people are paying attention to them with disdain and rolling their invisible eyes.

Yes, I get this and know this because I too have been there!

In the past when I’ve held myself back it’s been because I’ve had this idea that people are out there taking score and hating on what I’m doing. And when I say “people” I mean some vague amalgamation of nameless and faceless haters. It’s crazy talk!

So whether you have specific people in mind such as family members, frenimies, some asshole you went to high school with that’s constantly trying to one up everyone, or some nebulous group of people you can’t identify try and remember that in this realm:

They do not matter. They don’t count.

Why? Because you’re not selling to them and they’re not your ideal client!

Another thing to think about? All of the people in your industry that you perceive to be killing it? They deal with all of this too. The difference between them and you right now? They don’t let it stop them.

Get clear and get selling

If you’re struggling with feeling annoying in a way that is truly holding you back, you may not be focusing on what you love or lights you up in your business.

Or you may not have nailed your marketing message or who you’re speaking to. That’s a real thing that can happen, and it can absolutely make things feel gross. (I can help you overcome this btw.)

Talking about your business (marketing) is something you can’t avoid - so it’s imperative for you to find a way that you feel GREAT when you talk about your business. And do it in a way that’s clear and aligns with your values. All of this will make you feel better.

Pay attention to what you love talking about in your business and double down on that, this will help you move past the fear of selling. If you are lighting up and excited, that will make you feel good and attract people!

At the same time, figure out how you like to deliver your marketing. Maybe you light up on video. Or writing is your jam. Only you know what works for you. Whatever you do, be consistent.

The more you push through the fear, continue to drill down on your message, and getting yourself out there the less it will feel awful. (Hopefully you’ll never feel awful again.) I can tell you that I was once where you were, and I never feel annoying or like I don’t belong anymore. I love what I do, and I want you to feel that way too.

I know you can do it, and like I said if you need help I’m here for you.

This space has your name on it. Step right up and into it and SHINE.

If I'm shiny, everybody gonna shine