Making Your Content About You, When It's Really About Them.


Are you making your content about you, when it really should be about your customers?

Last week, I was stopped at a red light after taking my dog to her favorite park outside of Boston, and I noticed the below billboard:


There were a few things I noticed immediately.

The first being, that they haven't changed their branding since I was a kid. But that's actually not an issue. Many brands can have super old, à la vintage branding and still do a good job at marketing.

Here's what stuck out most to me:

The photograph: What college students do you know that can't wait to dive into a crudite platter? 😂😂😂  I mean does this picture really say "We've got you covered"? No. I'm thinking students would be more interested in subs, chips, drinks, snacks, and seltzer (seltzer is bananas with Millennials!). This ad does not speak to the customer they say they’re targeting.

The tagline: "See what makes us shine!" This reminded me of one of the most important things in business marketing: the WIIFM principle. Who cares what makes YOU shine, Star Market. I want to know what's in it for me (WIIFM). How is shopping at your store going to improve my life? How is buying your items going to make me feel? How will your store make *me* shine after I shop there?

I can tell you one thing, if I were a college student this clearly, very dated stock photograph would most likely not catch my attention.

So, how does this billboard relate to you and your business?

As you continue to build your business through marketing both online and off, ask yourself a few things as you create your content:

→ Does this content speak to my ideal customer? Or am I casting a wide net and hoping to just get anyone? Every piece of content you create should be speaking to your ideal customer and that is it. Stay focused. Forget about everyone else.

→ Are you creating content that's just about you? What are you giving back to your ideal customer? Always ask yourself: what's in it for them? How does this piece of content speak to your ideal client? What message does it send? Every piece of content you post should have a goal behind it that relates back to your business and speaks to your ideal client.

What do you think? Has something clicked for you when you create content? What was it?

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.