The Quickest Way to Start a Newsletter Strategy

The Quickest Way to Start a Newsletter Strategy

The best way to start a newsletter? Repurpose the content you're already creating!

You don't have to over think the content you're creating for your newsletter. In fact, chances are you're already creating enough content on social media to create a newsletter strategy that speaks directly to your audience.

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Last week, this question was asked:

“What's the difference in the type of content that should be shared between a newsletter, blog, and social media? Not sure yet how to write for each format."

I thought this was such a great question because my answer offers you an opportunity to reframe how you think about your content strategy and save time.

And who doesn’t want to save time?

Ready to make that newsletter happen in 2018? Join us for our upcoming live workshop.  Click on the above image or here.

Ready to make that newsletter happen in 2018? Join us for our upcoming live workshop. Click on the above image or here.

Your content should represent your business

Content you’re creating whether it’s on social media, on your blog, or in your newsletter should represent your mission and goals as a small business and speak directly to your ideal customer.

So, no matter *where* you’re sharing content online it should be doing the same job across all verticals: building your brand, spreading your message, and speaking to your potential ideal customers.

As small businesses, creating and posting original content is a time-intensive process. It can take up the majority of our marketing time; making it as easy as possible is key. And one of the best ways to do this is to repurpose the content you’re already sharing. 

Reusing and repurposing content is the next step in creating your newsletter

Using the content you already share across your social media platforms and on your blog is one of the best (and easiest) ways to create a newsletter strategy. Especially if you feel like you have nothing to talk about. 


Because you’ve created this content already, so it’s almost done for you.

Plus, you're a small business - you’re not a publishing house. There are only so many hours in a day.

Creating entirely new content that you haven’t shared anywhere else for your newsletter is a waste of time, and quite honestly a bit bonkers and untenable for most of us in business.

A common, but incorrect opinion is that you’re being repetitive if your newsletter has things you’ve already shared online. There’s a fear that people have already seen it.

But the reality is there is so much content online, chances are your readers haven’t seen everything you share. Ensuring this content is included in your newsletter is an excellent way to make sure your message is getting to the people that want to hear it!

By repurposing and reusing content you’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re driving home your message and you’re saving yourself time by making sure people see this content.


The role a newsletter strategy plays in your marketing

Many people think that email marketing is dead and that social media is where they will sell their offerings and products.

Not so.

Rarely do people buy from businesses they do not know.

Think of social media as a way to build your business, and get in front of potential customers. Think of your newsletter strategy as the place to establish those relationships and turn those readers into loyal, long-term customers.

The three biggest goals your marketing should be trying to achieve are:

  • Establishing and nurturing relationships with your audience

  • Driving traffic back to your website and or shop

  • Converting that traffic to buyers and making sales

A newsletter is one of the best ways to achieve all three of these goals consistently. Social media only nails two of those goals.

Unnecessary fear and anxiety

Another big worry of small businesses is being too sales-y when they send their newsletters. But the reality is there’s an expected exchange from your readers. They know what they signed up for. They expect you to tell them about what’s going on *and* offer them the opportunity to buy from you.

Because they asked for it.

They’ve handed over and entrusted something to you that is super valuable: their email address. This very action means they want to hear from you.

Of course, no one wants to be an overselling zealot. It feels gross. So don't be that person. But you can still sell your products and services!

By including what you’re already creating elsewhere online allows you to create a newsletter that speaks to your core audience - the people that really want to hear from you. And it’s one of the best ways to get the best, most important content to these readers.

It really is that simple and that easy!

Keep it simple & don’t overthink it

As I mentioned previously, creating content is probably one of the most time consuming activities we do in our small business. It’s easy to overthink and over complicate the content we should be creating and then wind up creating nothing.

Can you relate to that? I bet you can.

You’ve already done the footwork by sharing content on social media and/or writing blog posts. By taking that content and repurposing it in your newsletter, You’re halfway there to creating a newsletter! Give it a shot!

Make it easy for yourself. Use your newsletter as a conduit for what’s going on in your business and what you're already talking about online.

Don’t make it any more complicated than that.

Please keep in mind that there are many, many, many ways to write newsletters. Repurposing your the content you share on social media is just one of them. There is no one way to build your newsletter strategy. This approach is just one of them.

Questions? As always, let me know below.