The Best Channel to Build Trust and Increase Sales in Your Business (hint: it's not social!)

The Best Channel to Build Trust and Increase Sales in Your Business (hint: it's not social!)

One of the most important things you can do to ensure success in your small business is to continue to build trust with your customers, clients, and audience. Email marketing can and should be a key tool in developing that.

When you build trust, your customers think of you first.

How are you taking steps in your online strategy to make this happen?

Among other things, I bet you are...

  • Producing a product/service you believe in. Check!

  • Offering top notch customer service. Check!

  • Posting to social media. Check!

  • Engaging on social media. Check!

Now, are you also...

  • Creating a consistent email marketing strategy? Hmmm.

The most powerful sales channel for your business

Did you know having an email marketing strategy for your small business is one of the best ways to build relationships, trust, and authority with your most fervent supporters?

And it is the best way to make sales online.


Yes! It absolutely is!

I see many businesses focus far too much on social media, and completely skip one of the most integral pieces of their online marketing: email.

At one point this was OK, and it worked.

If you got in early enough, you could build a business on social media. There was a sweet spot in there from maybe 2010-2014.

But that’s no longer the case.

Weep all you want about the good old days, but they are long gone my friends!

Social media is louder and more crowded than ever.

If you are focusing only on social media, and have no email marketing plan in place - you are doing your business a disservice and you could quite literally be leaving money on the table.

Email marketing is relevant now more than ever

Whenever I mention email marketing to small business owners, the first question I get is:

Social media establishes your business. Email drives sales.

“But I use social media. Why do I need to use email marketing?”

(Are you asking the same question right now? Because that’s valid!)

Many people think email marketing is a thing of the past and/or that it’s not right for their business.

No. And no.

OK, please get ready, because discussing why every business needs an email marketing plan is one of my favorite things to completely nerd out on.

No joke.

And to be completely honest, much of my excitement is because I don't want you to do what I did for years. I neglected using my newsletter as an avenue to really build trust and sell what I do.

Because I thought I was annoying people. Sound familiar?

Ready to make that newsletter happen in 2018? Join us for our upcoming live workshop.  Click on the above image or here.

Ready to make that newsletter happen in 2018? Join us for our upcoming live workshop. Click on the above image or here.

5 reasons why email marketing needs to be a part of your marketing ASAP

Let’s discuss just some of my favorite reasons, data, and facts as to why you need an email marketing strategy in your business right now. Or if you already have one, why you need to blow those cobwebs off it and begin again today:

1. Email Marketing and Social Media Work Better Together

Social media isn’t going to sell your products or services.

Despite what many social media strategists will tell you, you’re rarely going to sell your products or services on social media (see my point below about email being transactional) starting out.

If you’re making sales on social media, it’s because you’ve established that trust with your audience already. And kudos to you!

Social media today is where your business builds and establishes itself (brand reach) by gathering followers and turning those followers into your audience. The next step is to drive those people back to your website to capture them as potential leads on your email list. And then finally turn them into loyal customers - this is where your email list comes in.

It’s there that you establish your authority and continue that relationship - turning these followers into your most ardent fans (buyers).

It’s here that you make sales.

Social media establishes your business. Email drives sales.

2. Without a list you’re missing a valuable marketing channel that you own

Every business should have a social media strategy. It’s important to build that presence. But please know, social media is rented space. You do not own any of those followers or that platform.

If a platform turns into a political rage fest - hello Twitter, anyone? - and people start to spend time elsewhere? Say goodbye to those followers and their eyeballs.

You own your email list, and that is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so valuable.

Email reaches up to 90% of its intended audience, compared to 1-4% reach with your Facebook Business Page!

No algorithm change. No throttling. You have complete control over your newsletter and your list!

This means you can move to any different email service provider. Change up how often you send it. Decide what content you’ll send.

You can only put so much content on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, with a newsletter you can pack a lot of info and products into one email!

And? A fraction of your audience sees your content on social. The majority of your list will see your content. This is not true with social media.

Social media platforms grow and change and with that come algorithms that make it harder for your content to organically reach its ideal viewers, 👋🏼 hello, Instagram!


3. Email is the best way to connect with your ideal customer in a very crowded landscape

Email is direct. It’s personal.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check your email.

Studies have shown that 58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning.

Email marketing is a direct line to your audience. It’s on their terms, and exactly when they want it.

Your readers can open your email whenever they want, and that says a lot. That's an incredible opportunity to grab hold of and nurture that relationship!

Email reaches up to 90% of its intended audience, compared to 1-4% reach with your Facebook Business Page!

Organic reach is way, way down on social media - and it's only going to get worse.

It’s doubtful that your ideal customer is going to see one of your social media posts first thing in the morning. But your email will be right there waiting for them.

4. Email marketing allows you to build trust over time

Since your email is getting to its intended audience, and they’re able to read it when they want - this is an ideal opportunity to build your relationship with your readers. Your most fervent admirers are on your email list. They want to hear from you.

Email is an incredible opportunity for you to continue to build and nurture that relationship for years to come.

5. Email marketing will drive sales and increase your income.

Social media is not transactional. Email is.

And people GET THIS.

People know when they sign up for an email list that they’re going to get emails about products and services. They’re signing up because they want to hear more about what you offer.

Consumers are more apt to buy through email than any other medium.

Your newsletter strategy can and will drive sales for your business. What about that sounds like it’s not for you?

A whole new income stream

Honestly, I could go on and on about why you need an email marketing strategy.

Email marketing can open up a whole new world for your business. And that means more sales!

It builds relationships, creates authority, and drives sales. What’s not to love?

Once you see what it can do for your business, you will wonder what took you so long. I can almost guarantee this feeling!

Check out the video below where I discuss the above topics deeper. And I also answer questions from viewers about how to be consistent with sending, typical open rates, how to build your list on social and more!

Have a question for me about building your own email strategy? Ask me below!