You Asked: Website, Facebook, Twitter or All Three?





What's more important; website, FB page, Twitter acct. or all of the above?



I have to immediately answer: all of the above! I personally believe, and have seen it demonstrated time and time again, that all three channels are very important for creative businesses today. Let me tell you why, and what I tell my clients who have similar questions.

Each of these channels do different things, well, differently. And each can be a valuable asset to your business. Let's go over why they are important, and the differences that they hold.


Obviously, if you must do one thing on the the web it has to be a website. But luckily, there are no rules and we can do as much or as little as we want online. But let's discuss for the sake of it.

Having a website is your own personal spot on the web. It literally is your address on the Internet. It's your place to do and show any number of things: showcase your work (portfolio), share exciting news and thoughts (blog posts), sell your work (online shop), and a portal to bring your prospective customers to all the other places you are on the web (social media). A good website can represent exactly who and what you are about, and make info about you easily accessible to your clients.

It's a must.

Facebook Brand Page

A Facebook brand page is a great space to curate what your brand's mission and vision is all about. By sharing links, images, photo albums, and status updates you can engage with your fans, customers, and potential clients in real time. While at the same time tell a story of who you are, and what your product is about.

By utilizing the above actions and features you can share so much with your community; offer them the opportunity to engage with you, learn more about you, and share your content. Plus, once people interact with your posts — it gets pushed into the newsfeed through Facebook's algorithm, creating the possibility of spreading your mission to new fans. With Facebook's new(ish) ad program you can also reach your targeted audience and offer special discounts.

Considering Facebook is basically free, I believe it to be a must for creative businesses.


Often I hear from clients that they just don't get Twitter. They don't really know how to use it or what to do with it. It's noisy. It's confusing. I've been on Twitter since 2008 and have seen it grow and change. It has definitely gotten a lot noisier for sure! But it still is my very favorite place to hang out. It is an incredible channel for artists and creatives. Here's why:

Twitter's ecosystem is set up to make it easy to connect with other like minded individuals, and network easily. Your clients can ask you questions, and get answers quickly. You can search and listen if people are discussing your product. You can follow your competition, industry insiders, and really open up the world you're working in. And while all of this is going on, you can share what you are up to with your business.

Twitter is one of the best places to be if something is happening, ie: a world event, a trade show, or conference. Its a constant stream of information that you can utilize — even if you are not in the physical space! It is the epitome of being a fly on the wall. I tell my clients and workshop attendees to think of Twitter as a coffee shop, a bar, or a party — and get to know those around you, or be a wallflower and just listen in. And don't forget to bring something to the party!

If I haven't convinced you yet -- the last alternative I recommend to my clients is to use their Twitter stream as a feed for all of their social channels. Enable Facebook, set your blog up, and push your Instagram images all to your Twitter feed. But make a note in your bio that most of what people see is automated and where it's best to find you.

It's a useful and beneficial channel that I highly encourage you to use, even if you are just pushing auto-posts to it.

Yes, To All Three!

So yes, I do believe in a bit of a trifecta when it comes to social media. Facebook and Twitter have real value to offer creative businesses. I strongly believe that if you have any social media presence, these two should be at the top of your game. A website (which is an absolute must, no question here), a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed can do so much for your business — and when used in tandem can really make a robust social stream for your business.

Now it's important to state that I do not encourage clients to sign up for every single social media site. Quite the contrary, I think it's bad business (not to mention so stressful) and a waste of time to sign up, and abandon sites if you're not going to use them. If you honestly think a site does not fit with your business model, then don't use it. It's OKAY! I give you permission! But, consider exploring each site to its full potential, and perhaps if you choose to not use Twitter — you'll use a more visual site like Instagram.

Remember, social media is not magic, it takes time, energy, and patience.

Do you have a question for me about social media? Ask me below, or hit me up on Twitter and I may include it an upcoming blog post!

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.