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One of the Best Things You Can Do for Online Growth (& a System to Help!)

Yesterday, was officially my first full day back and the very first thing I did was track my marketing and website growth, otherwise known as my stats (statistics).

OK, that's not totally true, the first thing I did was answer emails and plan my day. But I'm trying to be more intentional with my days as I head into 2019 - so numbers was the first *real* work I did when I sat down at my desk (and not the couch - also trying to switch things up with how I work too!).

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5 Actions to Determine Where You Spend Time Online

Reading Lindy West’s recent opinion piece in the NYT “I Quit Twitter and It Feels Great” was a solid reminder that I need to stop wasting time online. Like immediately.

So, I reached for the first thing I could fix immediately, which happened to be Twitter. I removed the app from my phone, and I deleted it from my bookmarks bar on my laptop.

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