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The Importance of Being Professional in Email

Something I experience often when being on the receiving end of networking emails is the lack of nuance and personal touch.

I don't think anyone sets out to be rude when trying to connect or introduce themselves through email. Not at all. I think what happens is people tend to interact as if there is a disconnect - a wall of sorts that technology puts up - and that a personal touch doesn't matter in emails.

I'm here to tell you that is simply not the truth. There is an actual human being on the other side of that screen with whom you are trying to engage with. Treat them like it.

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Giving Your Readers A Place to Go with a Call To Action

Do you know how little time you have to grab someone's attention, let alone hold their concentration online? It is very, very slim. But we're not going to delve into the depressing amount of noise we need to battle to get our voices heard. Nope! Today we're going to talk about the term: call to action, or CTA.

A CTA is an instruction to provoke an immediate action. It's the action to get your product sold, your workshops filled, your content read, and your name out there. It could be a link, a prompt, or specific instructions.

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Utilizing Images on Twitter

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of images in your Twitter feed? It's because Twitter has now enabled the ability for its native picture URL, to post as actual photos with or without links. Images now appear across mobile, desktop apps, and browsers. Many brands and individuals are taking advantage of this visual cue to share their content. If you haven't started using images, I highly encourage you too!

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Newsletters, Mailing Lists & You

Edit: This post was originally written in January 24, 2013 but I've updated it with new links and information about the CAN-SPAM Act law that makes it illegal to spam people with commercial messages. Its useful information, that I think every small business that uses email marketing should have an understanding of. I made a resolution for 2013 that has set me free: I'm unsubscribing from all newsletters I have not signed up for and deleting group emails veiled as newsletters or press releases. (If I am cranky enough I'll mark them as spam.)

Here’s the thing, I actually like newsletters. I think they’re a fantastic way of sharing information. I have a folder in my inbox, and I read the ones I've subscribed to in the morning with my coffee. Small, pockets of info at my discretion. So convenient!

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