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Social Media Was Kind of the Worst in 2016: Positive Ways to Move Forward in 2017

After the election last year, social media felt like the worst. The signal to noise ratio was deafening. Opinions (including my own) were everywhere.

With the proliferation of fake news, constant outrage, and politics on all sides -- literally every where you looked -- there seemed to be a barrage of senseless and at times seemingly hopeless noise. Spending time online turned into a draining and distracting experience (way more than normal, ugh) for many businesses towards the end of 2016. Making it increasingly harder to focus on what we needed to do as creative businesses.

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Why "Gain More Followers" is Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Last week I wrote a piece for CreativeLive about increasing your following on Pinterest. In my opinion it's an educational, helpful article, I believe it spells out steps to increase your following. The team I worked with made an incredible infographic (and I don't think I've ever described an infographic in such terms), it visually lines up and spells out tips and suggestions I gathered, perfectly. I'm super proud of the whole piece.

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