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Here's Why You Shouldn't Care How Big Your Email List Is

Have you held off from launching your email marketing strategy because you think your list isn't big enough? Or how about this, does the possibility of unsubcribes paralyze you from sending a consistent newsletter?

As I'm always happy to do, I'm here to remind you you're not alone. I've experienced the second experience often over 5 and half years of sending my newsletter.

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5 Things to Never Do in Your Email Marketing

There are 5 things I still see small businesses and individuals continually doing through email marketing that hurt their reputation.

I want to get any shaming out of the way. This post isn't written to make you feel bad, it's to educate you and give you the information you need to change the bad practices you have in place. It's strictly to layout why these actions go against best practices, and to offer you examples as to why having an email marketing platform is key for your business.

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The Quickest Way to Start a Newsletter Strategy

You don't have to over think the content you're creating for your newsletter. In fact, chances are you're already creating enough content on social media to create a newsletter strategy that speaks directly to your audience.

The content you’re creating online whether it’s on social media, on your blog, or in your newsletter should represent your mission and goals as a small business. You should be speaking directly to your ideal customer with the content you create and share.

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Newsletters, Mailing Lists & You

Edit: This post was originally written in January 24, 2013 but I've updated it with new links and information about the CAN-SPAM Act law that makes it illegal to spam people with commercial messages. Its useful information, that I think every small business that uses email marketing should have an understanding of. I made a resolution for 2013 that has set me free: I'm unsubscribing from all newsletters I have not signed up for and deleting group emails veiled as newsletters or press releases. (If I am cranky enough I'll mark them as spam.)

Here’s the thing, I actually like newsletters. I think they’re a fantastic way of sharing information. I have a folder in my inbox, and I read the ones I've subscribed to in the morning with my coffee. Small, pockets of info at my discretion. So convenient!

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