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6 Ways to Ensure You're Not Killing Yourself & That Your Content Strategy is Converting

Creating content for your business should be a thoughtful, intentional act. That means every piece of content you share or create should be working to meet your goals and speaking to your ideal client.

But this is one of the areas most business owners get tripped up on, wind up procrastinating on, or missing the mark.

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The Reality of Growing a New Business Online

Today, I want to get super real with you about where I'm at and share something most people don't share publicly online.

In fact, many people avoid talking about this at all for fear of it impacting their business. But because of what I do, and the pivot I made in my business I feel like it's important that I'm truly honest with you about what it's like to grow a business when starting out.

This post is about where I am at in that journey.

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Here’s Why You Need to Do Those Damn Brand Exercises

Diving in and getting started growing your business online can feel incredibly easy and fun. Until it’s not. You throw up some content. Send out a newsletter. Write a blog post and wait. But suddenly you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for.

You find yourself struggling.

You wind up frustrated and wondering why things aren’t working as you had expected.

And there’s most likely a very real reason why it’s become difficult.

You haven’t clarified your brand strategy.

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Here's Why You Shouldn't Care How Big Your Email List Is

Have you held off from launching your email marketing strategy because you think your list isn't big enough? Or how about this, does the possibility of unsubcribes paralyze you from sending a consistent newsletter?

As I'm always happy to do, I'm here to remind you you're not alone. I've experienced the second experience often over 5 and half years of sending my newsletter.

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