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Relationships are Integral to Your Success

Building and creating relationships is critical to one's success in business. It is an integral part of your business online to make connections and network with others.

Luckily, we live in a time that now more than ever it's easier to build valuable, supportive relationships both online and off. We have an army of tools at our disposal to help us connect with others in and outside of our businesses!

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The Importance of Being Professional in Email

Something I experience often when being on the receiving end of networking emails is the lack of nuance and personal touch.

I don't think anyone sets out to be rude when trying to connect or introduce themselves through email. Not at all. I think what happens is people tend to interact as if there is a disconnect - a wall of sorts that technology puts up - and that a personal touch doesn't matter in emails.

I'm here to tell you that is simply not the truth. There is an actual human being on the other side of that screen with whom you are trying to engage with. Treat them like it.

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