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How I'm Growing My Instagram & the Strategy I'm Using

In May, I decided to walk the talk: create a strictly business Instagram account. I'm always sharing with my clients and students that if they have an Instagram account to be very clear about what they post there, and to be consistent within their posting.

I am embarrassed to say, I was doing none of that for years on my original Instagram account, and it was driving me nuts (and doing literally nothing for my business. More on why below.)

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3 Things Almost Everyone Deals with When Creating an Online Presence

I’ve learned in the almost 5 years I’ve been in business that most businesses face similar stumbling blocks. There’s nothing very special or unique about these situations. Almost every business goes through them.

One of the things I love most about helping people is letting them know they’re not alone. That we all go through this stuff. And there are almost always answers to help us.

Here are 3 common themes I see a lot, have experienced myself, and have helped many others move past.

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4 Reasons Pinterest Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing

If you haven't considered using Pinterest in your online marketing, allow me to offer you 4 compelling reasons to rethink that decision.

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms.

It's truly unlike any of the other social platforms out there (spoiler: its no longer a social media platform!). Let's dive into some of the favorite reasons I share with my clients to encourage them explore Pinterest in their marketing, and perhaps will encourage you too!

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You Can't Make Sales Online Without Trust

t's no surprise to me, how huge social media has become in our lives.

As it changes and grows, and we get further into it I'm hoping we start to understand that numbers no longer matter - likes, follows, and shares, what we call vanity metrics - in business. But instead, that it's the relationships we build that truly mean the most.

A common experience for most small businesses starting out establishing themselves online is that they feel they're failing because they're not ringing in the sales immediately. This is a common reaction, and in our culture sadly a natural feeling as well. When we've got the get rich "MAKE BUCKETS OF CASH WITH SOCIAL MEDIA!" schemes flying by in our newsfeeds, it's hard to parse what's reality and what's posturing, and where exactly we should be.

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