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The Singular Experience that Taught Me How to Earn Clients for Life

I cut my teeth in retail as a teenager. In my twenties and early thirties I moved into high end retail, it was here that I learned in order for me to love my job and take it seriously, I needed to really love my customers. This meant listening to what they need from me and truly honoring that.

To this day, this thought process has served me well and I want to share with you what I have learned because of it.

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Here's Why You Should Stop Saying “I Hate Marketing”

I hear it all of the time from people: “I hate marketing.” Or some other rendition of why they don’t “do” marketing or why it doesn’t work for them. And maybe once upon a time I would let it slide. But friend, no more. We’re coming up on a new year and I’m not going to let you work with the same ol’ mind tricks anymore.

Because if nothing changes, nothing changes. And telling yourself you hate marketing is not serving you, and it’s certainly not helping your business.

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