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Jumpstart Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are a smart, strategic way to attract new followers, gain exposure, and grow your account with targeted followers on Instagram. In fact, beyond posting excellent, consistent content, they’re one of the best non-shaddy ways* to grow your account on Instagram.

Once considered overly spammy by most (not me!), hashtags have become a mainstay to help you improve your engagement, grow your following, and build a robust feed.

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Social Media is Not Your Only Answer

We need to get real about something. Social media is not the end all and be all of your marketing and business building efforts.

There are many other marketing channels you should be putting your efforts into beyond social media.

Yes, social media is an invaluable tool in your business, but that's all it is: a tool. It shouldn't be your only marketing and outreach effort, and if it is, you're laying your foundation on a house of cards.

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8 Easy Things I Did That Increased My Pinterest Following Over 450%

Sometimes, looking around at others in your industry can give you a lot of insight into what you should be doing.

Regardless of what you do in your business, chances are you’re not the first in your industry to establish an online presence. One of the many things I share with my clients is to make sure you're paying attention to the businesses around you that have a presence online.

Overall, this is a common business marketing strategy - it’s called second mover advantage.

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[UPDATED] Understanding Social Media Metrics in Google Analytics

Get to know your social media metrics in Google Analytics and use them to help you!

Today we'll go over key places to focus on to track your social media traffic in Google Analytics.

You'll be able to start tracking your traffic, paying attention to numbers so you can figure out how your audience engages with your content, and the social sites you should be exploring more as well as the ones you may want to rethink or ditch.

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