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Jumpstart Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are a smart, strategic way to attract new followers, gain exposure, and grow your account with targeted followers on Instagram. In fact, beyond posting excellent, consistent content, they’re one of the best non-shaddy ways* to grow your account on Instagram.

Once considered overly spammy by most (not me!), hashtags have become a mainstay to help you improve your engagement, grow your following, and build a robust feed.

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How I'm Growing My Instagram & the Strategy I'm Using

In May, I decided to walk the talk: create a strictly business Instagram account. I'm always sharing with my clients and students that if they have an Instagram account to be very clear about what they post there, and to be consistent within their posting.

I am embarrassed to say, I was doing none of that for years on my original Instagram account, and it was driving me nuts (and doing literally nothing for my business. More on why below.)

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How To: Easily Pin Your Instagram Pics to Pinterest

Are you pinning your Instagram photos to your Pinterest account? No? Why not?

Editor's note: This post was originally written in April of 2015, but has been updated as of June 19th, 2017 with feature changes and images.

If you're taking photos of your work or product and spending time creating great photos, I highly recommend that you share them to your Pinterest account.

Download the walkthrough & take it with you!

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Interviews & Writing Elsewhere

Last week I wrote a piece for CreativeLive about increasing your following on Pinterest. In my opinion it's an educational, helpful article, I believe it spells out steps to increase your following. The team I worked with made an incredible infographic (and I don't think I've ever described an infographic in such terms), it visually lines up and spells out tips and suggestions I gathered, perfectly. I'm super proud of the whole piece.

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Permission: You Don't Need to Be On Every Single Social Media Site

"Should I be on every social media site?"

Hands down, this is one of the most common questions I hear from new clients that are just getting started on social media, and developing a presence online.

The short answer? No.

The truth is you do not need to be on every. single. social. media. site. You just don't. Things have changed so much.

In fact, unless you are AMAZING at it, ie: you get incredible engagement, you're a natural with mobile photos, you're not clocking hours on a Facebook k-hole, etc. you're doing yourself a disservice by being on every single site.

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