Saving Content with Pocket

Tired of emailing things to yourself? Or having 47 tabs open? Save content to read later with this handy app.

I often get asked how I read and keep track of all of the content I find online. I have one word for you, Pocket.

Pocket is a lifesaver. It's an app that saves any website page you visit online with one click. It's basically a bookmarking site that lives online.

When I first learned of "read it later" apps I was so ecstatic -- emailing myself things to read got really old, and having tab after tab open of content to save stuff made me feel anxious. Prior to Pocket I used Instapaper, another great  app — I personally love the look and ease of Pocket, so I switched. I've used the app since 2011 and is one of my most used tools as I work online.

Because I spend most of my day online working — the operative word there is working — it's important that I remain as undistracted as possible. And as we know, that's hard on the information super highway. Pocket helps me stay focused, by  guaranteeing I can read things later. I rarely read anything during the day that I find, unless I'm traveling or it's lunchtime — so Pocket is a life saver for me. I save everything that looks interesting to me throughout the day, regardless of where I save (mobile or desktop) it all goes to one place.

I personally think that what makes Pocket so useful is the extension offered for every popular browser (SafariChromeFirefox)

Tired of emailing things to yourself? Or having 47 tabs open? Save content to read later with this handy app.

I highly recommend installing it to make saving as seamless as possible. It lives in your browser, and when you find something interesting just click that little button! The content is then saved in your Pocket account.

The extension offers the ability to tag the content right as you're saving it (or unsave it too!), which is a great way to keep your content organized. Pocket does allow the ability to manually add links within its interface as well, just in case if the extension doesn't play nice with a noisy website.

The site recommends new articles that may interest you based on what you save, and tags when content is trending or is in their category of Best Of (saved often).

Pocket offers free mobile apps for Android and iOS. I read a lot of the content I save on my phone, so it's a must have app for me. The app also allows me to save easily from any website on my phone.  That way I have all of my content when I need it, and I'm able to easily save when I'm on the go. Something else that's great about Pocket is because it formats every item you save to its own interface, you can read your saved content offline.

Using Pocket keeps me organized and focused. Give it a try, I think you'll find it very helpful. Plus its easy very easy to use and install.

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.