8 Ways to Wow Your Followers & Turn Them Into Ideal Clients

There are a lot of guessing games when it comes to marketing your business online. Wondering who to speak to and what to say shouldn’t be one of them.

Yet, so many businesses struggle with it.

Trust me when I tell you that all of the information and intel you need to figure out who you should be speaking to and what to talk about in your marketing is right at your fingertips. It's really that easy.

Trust & loyalty are key

Building an audience that is dedicated to you is all about creating a trusting relationship. We invest in businesses that we trust and like.

8 Ways to Wow Your Followers & Turn Them Into Ideal Clients

Being trust worthy and authentic is key to building a client base that will not only follow and buy from you, but that will evangelize your business.

Meaning they'll tell others about you. Word of mouth marketing is huge and can't be bought. So cultivating that in your business is a must.

Building trust and loyalty takes time, and you have to know who you're speaking to and what to focus on to ensure that your developing this kind of devotion with the people that follow you.

Today we're going to discuss 8 things you can implement in your business as soon as you’re finished reading this blog post to start cultivating ideal, dedicated following going forward.

8 strategies to wow your followers & turn them into ideal clients

Get as specific as possible

You can't speak to everyone, and if you try to you're going to water down your message, alienate people and confuse them, and wind up having people wonder what it is you offer in your business.

Wowing your audience means appealing to and captivating them. The best way to do this is understanding and defining exactly who you're speaking to. This means niching down to your ideal client.

There's a reason every single business coach talks about niching down; because it matters and it works.

The biggest struggle around this for service-based businesses is wanting to speak to everyone. Or to put it more succinctly not wanting to miss out on a client.

But the reality is if you don't narrow in and speak to your ideal client you’re going to be too broad, and it's going to cause you problems in your marketing. Leaving you right where you started: not attracting the right clients.

One size doesn't fit all. Narrow in on who exactly you're speaking to and go all in!

Focus on your ideal client's problem and how you solve it

Every single client wants two things: to be heard and have their problem solved. By focusing on the problems you solve (and the results you offer) within your business you will attract your ideal clients. But it takes time to hone this.

Concentrate on what their problem is and offer valuable ways to help them. The more you do this, the better you’ll get. By creating content that speaks to these problems and solves them you’ll not only be showing your followers that you hear them but that you can help them.

Don't worry about giving away too much help. There's only so much help you can offer within your content. Go above and beyond answering your client's problems and showing them how good you’re at it!

Create a list of people you've worked with

If you're struggling with the actual problems you solve, or more so you can't seem to find the right wording to describe how you help people, sit down and write out a list of clients you've helped in the past.

(It's totally common to having difficulty explaining what you do and how you do it in succinct sound bites on social media and within your content. You're too close to your business. Marketing is an art, it takes time to learn it so don’t be too hard on yourself.)

Write down what their exact problems were when they started working with you, and then write down what you solved for them and the results you got for them.

Then use this information to brain dump content ideas that address these topics. You'll be able to pull content topics and areas of focus for your marketing from this exercise.

Survey your followers

Don't just stop with your current and past clients. Reach out to your social media followers and newsletter subscribers and ask them what their biggest problems are right now. These should be problems that you help solve within your business.

You can use helpful tools like Instagram’s question stickers too!

You'll get a whole bunch of feedback that you can craft your content around.


Listen to your current clients and followers, they’re going to tell you exactly what they're struggling with and need help with if you pay attention.

My massive blog post about hashtags evolved because 3 different clients asked me about how best to use hashtags. That post is now the second most popular piece of content on my website.

Pro-Tip: Get in the habit of keeping a Google Doc or some place you can jot down ideas and inspiration that relate to speaking directly to your followers about the problems you solve. This will save you so much time when you sit down to create content.

Make it about them not you

Your marketing should be all about your clients. While it's easy to make it about you, it's important to focus on where your clients are and what they're struggling with. Your clients are concerned with where they are at ultimately.

Focusing on your ideal clients and offering them quick wins with your content and education, this will keep them coming back for more and more.

This will also build trust with them, because they see that you get and understand them. This is a win for everyone involved. I don't know about you, but when I find that people resonate and relate to my content it only encourages me to do an even better job at it!

Focus on fears and hopes

Selling is based in empathy, and showing your followers and potential clients that you get and understand their fears is a sure fire way to build that trust.

You can do this in a number of ways by using what I shared with you above, or you can share your own story. And how what you learned — what you're teaching them — has helped you.

Humans like to form bonds with others by relating to each other. And when you show your followers that you not only understand where they are at but that you’ve been where they are and can help them that’s an excellent way to build trust and loyalty.

Speak like they do

Lose the jargon. Look, I get it. I often catch myself speaking jargon. It can be really easy to get immersed in what we do, but using lots of industry speak or jargon will alienate many of your followers.

No one likes to feel like they don’t understand something. By being down to earth and speaking like they do, this allows them to trust and respect you.

When you speak the same language it's much easier to build a solid relationship that will last.

Stay consistent and keep at it

All of the above will help you enormously when speaking to your followers and help turn them into ideal clients that buy from you. But none of it will help if you aren't remaining consistent.

By showing up in your followers feeds, podcast app, and/or in their inbox they will start to expect and look forward to seeing you! This is the first step in turning followers into loyal clients; being consistent.

By being consistent it allows you an opportunity to build a solid relationship with your followers so they get to know you and what you can do for them. It also allows them to engage with you so you can listen and pay attention to what resonates with your followers. There’s a whole cycle happening here that will build your business step by step.

I promise if you stay consistent and do all or most of the above you will start to get comments and emails from people saying they feel like you are inside their head. That sounds super creepy but it's not. It's an awesome feeling when someone tells you "OMG. I needed this today!"

And on top of that, you’ll establish yourself in your industry, build trust, and grow your business further.