Use Instagram's Tagging Feature to Showcase Products

Use Instagram's tag feature to showcase products!

I think it's clear we all love Instagram. As artists, retailers, and crafters we're spending more and more time there. We're sharing what we're up to, and what we're making, but we're also meeting new people, finding out about new work, new to us shops, and creating community. It's increasingly becoming the main social networking site I spend the most time on. Would you say the same?

A few weeks ago, I noticed Etsy did something really smart and fun with Instagram's tagging feature. They took a photo of their staff wearing, using, and showcasing products from Etsy shop owners and then tagged those shops in the photo so their 234,000 followers could easily find those seller's account's. Neat, right?

I think it's a genius way to show who and what you are selling by putting a face behind the products you carry, as well as making the image a fun, interactive experience for your followers.


Using Instagram's Tagging Feature

It's super simple:

  1. Upload your image - Take a minute to really style the image. The better the styling, the more interest in the photo — remember this is Instagram and people are here for the beauty.
  2. Tag your products - What's great about the tagging feature is if you can't remember a name or are not following a brand Instagram offers a search option to find accounts easily. Although, as an aside if you're carrying them, and have a good relationship - maybe you should be following them to keep up on what they're making? Just a thought!
  3. Write a caption - Create a compelling caption about what it is we're looking at - what is the story behind your pieces? Where are they made? How much do they cost?
  4. Call to action - Make sure you have a call to action asking your followers to "Tap the picture," that way the names all appear making it easy for your followers to click on the respective accounts.
  5. Pro-tip - Interested in driving your followers back to your site for more info? (This should always be an absolute yes!) Then write a blog post about the products in the image, and direct them at the end of your caption to find a 'link in profile.'

Using this technique makes your images dynamic by allowing your followers the ability to easily find other accounts, make the experience fun by finding out about who you work with, and what's in stock (this would be a great tool to use with new stock!).

Obviously, I'm sharing this tip for those of you who have an online shops, because I think it's a brilliant way to sell and give a little background on the products you carry.  But this trick can be used in many different ways, it doesn't just need to be about sales for shops, it can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • DIY tutorial/Show what you're making - tag brand products that you're making with (yarn, notebooks, fabric, patterns, products, etc)
  • Create an interactive walk through at an art show - tag artist's work
  • Getting ready for an event - tag panelists, speakers, sponsors, etc to share about an upcoming event
  • Share what you bought - maybe you went to a Renegade and want to share all the wonderful things you purchased? Tag the vendors!

Using Instagram's Tagging Feature to Share Products

Etsy isn't the only account I've seen do this lately, Renegade Craft is also doing it - which is a nice way to find out about new vendors. I'm sure we'll see this feature being used in more interesting ways in the future.

I love finding out about people making and creating awesome things. I think using this option sparingly can be a great way to introduce your follower's to creative people within your community, allow an interactive peek into your shop, as well as support people around you doing wonderful things.

Have a question? Let me know below, on Twitter, or on my Facebook Page. Enjoy!

Meighan O'Toole

Always all in.