Waterlogue App


Last spring Pugly Pixel posted about the Waterlogue app. I was immediately intrigued that an app turns your photos into really pretty watercolor-esque paintings. At the time I had an Android phone, so I was unable to buy the app and check it out (Yes, its only available on iOS, sadly). Welp, my Android just died at the gym last week. But yay, I have an new iPhone 6 plus!

 Waterlogue App

Waterlogue App

Waterlogue was the first app I paid for. (It's $2.99 - cheaper than a latte!) What I love about the the app is the idea of turning mediocre photos into unique images for content - Instagram pics, blog posts, newsletter images, etc. I took the above photo in my niece's bathroom, on its own it can't be used -- but when run through the Waterlogue app I get a really lovely image, that has a sweet message. (The bathroom decal is by Shanna Murray btw.)

I played around with all of the options in the app and I found that sticking with the first filter is best. The others feel too much to me and muddy the original image, but perhaps you may like them. Border or no border is also offered, which is a nice option to have.

As with any photo editing tool it's important to not overuse it. Think of all the Instagram filters we used with abandon in 2010 -2012, and how dated those images look now. Until we see the effect everywhere, I love the idea of using Waterlogue every now and then.

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