The Crazed to Clarity Intensive

A completely customized 1:1 experience



You love what you do. You’re damn good at it. And your clients know it.

You show up everyday excited and inspired to serve your clients and help them make big changes in their lives. You live for what you do and you’re driven to help even more people.

But, growing your business online leaves you feeling distracted, overwhelmed, and second guessing your every move.

That’s not like you, is it?


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re worrying that you’re being too smarmy or “that person” when talking about your business online.

  • You cringe and hold yourself back about promoting your business because you’re nervous about being too braggy or full of yourself.

  • You’re not making any sales calls and if you are you’re not closing those sales.

  • You’re paralyzing yourself from making sales because you don’t want to be too sales-y.

  • You’re spending way too much time focusing on what everyone else is doing in your industry, while questioning if there’s room for you - even though YOU KNOW THERE IS.

  • You often feel like you’re yelling into a void.

  • You’re putting everything off until it all feels just right.

You can’t seem to stop wasting a ton of time online and you’re getting nothing done.

Days have passed and you continue to find yourself in an Internet rabbit hole - stuck in Facebook Groups with no real help, reading blog posts that offer little to no help, watching countless webinars, and buying courses you never finish. UGH.

But you keep at it because…

  • You KNOW you have a solid message and incredible skills to share!

  • You KNOW there’s a place for you and your business online.

  • You are READY to share your gifts with more people!

I know how all of this feels because I’ve felt it myself!

I know reading those above bullet points resonated with you, because you’ve lived them (and so have I). You’re ready to put an end to feeling overwhelmed because you truly believe in what you do.

You’re ready to take your business further.


It may feel like it’s not possible. It may feel like it’s unattainable. But that’s simply not true.

You can grow a successful and profitable business online.

Here’s what I already know about you: you’re ready to take the next steps within your business and truly grow your business online. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

And here’s the best part, (as well as a testament to your strength!):

All of those stumbling blocks holding you back? They’re easy to overcome with the right mindset, the right strategy, and the willingness.

You’ve already got that last part! The willingness.


Let’s cut straight through the BS

Now that you’re ready to get moving, allow me to cut through all of the noise the Internet shovels at you, and help you see the true gifts you possess and how to share them with the world.

In a way that works for you.

Together we’ll grow a business online that saves you time and makes you money.

Let’s face it, it’s noisy af out there and it’s easy to lose sight of how talented you are when you’re knee deep in tactics that don’t work online.  

I will help you to not only exist online but thrive in a crowded online world and truly shine.

I’ll show you how to stay focused, get clarity, and grow a successful business in an online world that’s always changing.


I’ll be your secret weapon.

Here’s what happens when you get to the other side:

  • Confidence: You’ll stop second guessing yourself when talking about your business online or on sales calls because you know that what you offer changes people’s lives.

  • Determination: You’ll get damn serious about what you offer! You’ll actually look forward to sharing your message and selling your services!

  • Focus: You’ll instinctively know who you’re speaking to online, and you’ll never feel like you’re shouting into the void again.

  • Balance: You’ll no longer waste time on social media or with hacks that give you no tangible outcomes. Because you have a plan that works and delivers real results.

  • Assurance: Any kind of compare and despair of who’s doing what online within your industry will melt away. You have a strong reputation and are known for what you do and how you do it! Your confidence will resonate.

  • Relief: You’ll look back on how you’ve struggled and know you’ve reached the other side. All that frustration around how to grow your business will have dissipated because you’re making it work and seeing real results.

Meighan makes learning accessible and fun. Her ability to step into the shoes of my target market and really see (long before I do) where my true gifts are, has been vital in growing my small business. No matter how much self-doubt I had about my ability to grow my online business, Meighan always made sure I felt empowered during the process. Since working with Meighan I am connecting with my community in meaningful ways and I am working with clients that I adore.
— Ashley Neese, Breathwork Teacher & Writer
I have a clear strategy for communicating online. I feel confident - there is a plan in place, and more structure. I also know why I’m posting where, it doesn’t feel as random as it used to. I feel clear about my overall strategy. To me, the most important thing I gained from working with Meighan was keeping it authentic to me — I didn’t have to put on a show to get likes or followers. The only thing I need to keep up with on my end is creating content - all the other pieces feel like they are in place when the content is created. Watching the growth trajectory feels like something I can celebrate.
— Megan deBoer, Financial Wellness Coach

If all of the above resonates and speaks to you, I’d love to invite and welcome you to apply to…

The Crazed to Clarity Intensive

A complete one on one experience to grow your business further online

The Crazed to Clarity Intensive (C2C) is an 60 day one on one fundamental experience to help you grow your business further.

We’ll focus on your message, zero in on your strengths, and create strategies that speaks to your ideal client!

In C2C we’ll develop a customized business strategy for your business that gets you real results, makes you more money, and cultivates a strong brand image within your industry.

Get ready to trade overwhelmed for razor focused.

We’re going to develop a strategy that works for you not against you!

When we’re done you’ll feel like you again; living the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Here’s whats included…

  • 5 Bi-weekly 1 hour+ coaching and strategy calls (we’ll skip every other week so you have room to breathe): You’ll have me by your side every step of the way. We’ll dive deep in our strategy meetings to ensure that you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it! We'll discuss proven strategies and solid actions to implement to help you develop more leads, make more sales, and grow your business! We’ll have time off in between calls so you have time to implement and not feel overwhelmed with all we’ll be working on.

  • My support throughout our time together: Every other week that we’re off you’ll still have my attention and support through email and/or Voxer (a walkie talkie app making it easy to just share what’s going on!). You’ll never be left flaying about in our time together.

  • Mindset & goal coaching: Within our calls you’ll also receive coaching to help you squash any fears or doubts you have as a business online. Worried about being too sales-y? Fearful you're annoying people? Dreading sending that email? Yep, I get it all and it's all super common! We'll specifically address anything that’s holding you back and kick ‘em to the curb.

  • Exercises & worksheets: You’ll have homework and you’ll be putting pen to paper in between calls! In these exercises you’ll focus on redefining your message, where you want to be online, and what you want to say to continue to grow the business you're dreaming of.

  • A customized weekly action plan: Each C2C Intensive is designed for the individual I’m working with. Every week will be tailored to exactly what you specifically need to be doing within your business to take it to the next level.

  • A audit overview: I’ll conduct an overview audit of your business: this will be the basis for what’s working and what opportunities are being missed in your online strategy. We’ll use this to customize our time together.

  • Tools & resources: We’ll review specific resources and tools to fit your budget, save you time, and get the job done.

  • A customized strategy: This is the holy grail of our time together! Once we’re done, you’ll have a customized strategy for you to grow your business. We’ll discuss and implement how to create content, grow your community, get great at outreach and networking, and how to package and launch your services. Everything you need to do to keep growing your business step by step, and you can lean on and use in your business for months and years to come!

Your Investment




or 2 payments of $897

Once you click that above button you’ll be walked through my online booking system. (This is a complimentary call, no credit card or commitment is required.) You’ll receive an automated email confirming your consultation and I’ll call you on the day you chose. We’ll discuss where you’re at in your business, I’ll give you an overview of what I think you might need, and we’ll see if I can truly help you get to the next level. Easy peasy!

Seriously, working with Meighan has made me feel like I can actually control my business, and get things done I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Honestly, I feel excited about my business again! So THANK YOU! Some of the best money I’ve spent in a long time on myself and my business
— Jen Beeman, Grainline Studio
The weekly calls were informative and encouraging and kept me on task as I worked on the various aspects of my business. I have spent a lot of time and money on online workshops and classes and in the end they mostly left me with the illusion that I was working in my business but created very few actual measurable results. Meighan helped me truly work on my business. It’s easy to get into whack-a-mole, crisis management mode when you are a small business but Meighan really helped me to back up, look at the whole picture and develop a strategy for success!
— Lisa DeMio, Red Staggerwing Designs



Who types of businesses is this Intensive for?

This opportunity is for service based businesses; coaches, consultants, strategists, bloggers, designers, health practitioners, etc. that want to grow or continue to grow their business online.

How long should I be in business for?

You should be within business for at least a year with a solid understanding of what your business offers. If you aren’t clear on your offers yet - that’s OK I can help! You should be committed to your business idea if you are within your first year.

Unfortunately, I don’t work with brand new businesses or newbies - meaning if you don’t have an idea yet or haven’t worked out your basics, I can’t help you. I highly recommend you check out Rebecca Tracey’s self-study of Uncage Your Business.

When does this start and end?

Once you book your complimentary call and decide to move forward we can start as soon as I have room on my calendar! The Intensive is 60 days long - so once we start the clock is ticking and we’ll end in 60 days!

Why is it 60 days long?

I want to make sure you get things done and see results. 60 days allows us to get to know each other and work on your strategy together; you get to put things into place, and I can help you in the process. We can tweak, iterate, and work. It’ll fly by once we get going!

How much time a week will this take?

Depending on what week it is it could be anywhere from 1-3 hours of work. Buuuuuut, everything we’ll be doing are things you should already be doing in your business already! The difference is you’ll have me alongside you making sure you’re getting shit done and not wasting time.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are a service based business that is ready to grow your business further online than The C2C Intensive is for you. If you’re not willing to waste years trying to figure out how to grow your business online than The C2C Intensive is for you. If you have had haphazard results or fits and starts growing your business online than The C2C Intensive is for you. Book your complimentary call and we’ll figure it out together if the Intensive is for you. There are no commitments at all.

What specifically do you go over in the intensive?

Each C2C Intensive is customized for the specific individual I’m working with and the goals they want to reach. I make sure each business gets a strategy that works for them, and we cover the gamut of online business marketing and growth in our time together. For one client we might focus on her overall content for her newsletter and blog, how and who to network with, who she’s speaking with etc., and what her overall strategy looks like. For another we might focus on webinars, email marketing, her packages, and how to get in front of others within her industry for press and outreach opportunities.

Do you focus on social media at all?

We touch on social media, but overall we focus on marketing and business strategy. All of which you can apply to your social media strategy. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, C2C is not for you. I’m happy to discuss how social media fits into one’s online strategy, but I have found over the years that there are many more (important) tactics and strategies to help one grow a business online. And in all honesty, most businesses waste time on social media, I can help you stop that.

I started implementing what we talked about pretty much right away and the results in the first 30 days following our session are great! My website traffic is up around 20%. My revenue went up by 20% with an 8% increase in conversion. This is all pre-launch of my latest product, which was my best launch of all time!
— Recent Client