Stop wasting time in your business.

Set yourself apart with a strategy that works for you not against you.

I’ll show you how without selling your soul or sacrificing your values in the process.




You believe in your business.

Maybe more than anything you’ve ever done.

You’ve worked hard to create a business that represents who you are, one that serves your clients in a way that truly fulfills you. I know you’ve sacrificed a ton to make that happen.

You’ve reached goals and made serious strides. You’re proud of what you’ve built. And you should be!

But lately…something’s a miss.

You don’t enjoy the things you once did. You feel distracted and overwhelmed.

Somewhere along the way, you’ve lost that ✨spark✨. The goal posts have moved, and things feel harder than they were previously.

What once excited you, you kind of dread now.

You have larger goals you want to meet, but you’re not sure how to begin to take next steps to reach them.

And my god! There’s just so much advice and noise about what you should do and shouldn’t do.

You’re exhausted even thinking about it.




All of the things.

Sound familiar?

When you hit a plateau in your business and you’re ready to grow further, it’s common to see specific things happening to both you and your business.

  • You’ve become frustrated and overwhelmed by the endless list of to-do’s.

  • You’re ready to take the next steps but you lack consistency and direction and it’s not because you lack drive at all.

  • You’re spending too much time on social media, and you’re not sure it’s getting you clients or exposure.

  • You want to feel like you once did in your business, confidence, drive, and joy.

If you’re nodding yes, I’ve got news for you, it doesn’t have to feel like this.

I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve felt exactly as you do right now.



A strategy for you, only you

I know you’re ready.

You can have a business that energizes you, not exhausts you.

It can feel like nothing’s working, or that things won’t work for you because there’s something wrong with you or your business. Not so. Growing a business online takes strategy — specific strategy — not any strategy.

Here’s what I already know about you:

You’re ready to take the next steps and grow your business further. (You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.) You’re beyond willing to do the work. You’re a champ. I see it. I know it.

Here’s what I know about growing an online business:

With the right mindset, the right strategy, and the willingness to do the work you can grow a successful and profitable business online. When you invest in your business and do the work, you will see a return on investment.

You can run a business that you love, not one that runs you ragged.

I’d love to show you how.



kaboompics_Happy casual beautiful woman working on a laptop (3).jpg

Real Results.

You’ll see no get rich schemes or time wasting hacks here.

I’m going to give you strategies and tactics that get you the other side.

No matter the size of your business, the most important thing to me in our work together is the results you see and experience. I want you to feel relief in your business again and aligned with your values every step of the way.



I have a clear strategy for communicating online. I feel confident - there is a plan in place, and more structure. I also know why I’m posting where, it doesn't feel as random as it used to. I feel clear about my overall strategy. To me, the most important thing I gained from working with Meighan was keeping it authentic to me -- I didn't have to put on a show to get likes or followers. The only thing I need to keep up with on my end is creating content - all the other pieces feel like they are in place when the content is created. Watching the growth trajectory feels like something I can celebrate.

- Megan deBoer, Financial Wellness Coach, Tended Wealth




Meighan makes learning accessible and fun. Her ability to step into the shoes of my target market and really see (long before I do) where my true gifts are, has been vital in growing my small business. No matter how much self-doubt I had about my ability to grow my online business, Meighan always made sure I felt empowered during the process. Since working with Meighan I am connecting with my community in meaningful ways and I am working with clients that I adore. 

- Ashley Neese, Breathwork Teacher & Writer




“Seriously, working with Meighan has made me feel like I can actually control my business, and get things done I've been wanting to do for a while. Honestly, I feel excited about my business again! So THANK YOU! Some of the best money I've spent in a long time on myself and my business.”

- Jen Beeman, Founder, Grainline Studio


This is it.

The Crazed to Clarity Intensive

A foundational 3 month 1:1 experience to help you grow your business further.

Together we’ll develop a customized business strategy that gets you real results, makes you more money, and cultivates a strong brand image within your industry.

When we’re finished you’ll have a strategic plan in place that works and is delivering real results. That all means more time to focus on your life and the things you love. You don’t need to be strapped to your business 24/7.  

How you’ll feel

It’s time to start feeling better in your business.

  • No more wasting time: You’ll have a plan to establish a strong reputation and continue to grow your business.

  • You’ll gain a sense of relief: All that frustration will dissipate, you’ll look forward to the work you’re doing and have a sense of direction.

  • You’ll be determined: You’ll never again feel like you’re annoying or too sales-y. You’ll look forward to sharing your message and selling your services.

  • You’ll feel confident again: No more second guessing yourself. You’ll have undergone a transformation that will keep you buoyed and excited again.

  • You’ll gain more time to focus on what you love: You’ll no longer waste time on social media or with hacks that give you no long term, tangible outcomes.

  • You’ll feel supported: You’ll take risks and experiment in your business, opening up more opportunities and bringing in more money.


It’s time to run a business that isn’t running you.

It’s time to love your business again.


Here’s how it works

I want to help you not only thrive in a crowded online world, but shine.

Let me cut through all of the noise the Internet shovels at you and help you create a strategy that works for you, not against you.

Get ready to trade overwhelmed for razor focused. 

During our time together we’ll get clear on what and where you need to focus on (and what to let go of). We’ll concentrate on areas such as business development, marketing, brand strategy, content creation and planning, systems, social media, and mindset blocks.

What we’ll do together

  • 6 Bi-weekly 50 minute coaching and strategy calls: We’ll dive deep on our calls and discuss proven strategies and solid actions to implement to help you develop more leads, make more sales, and grow your business!

  • Bi-weekly customized action plan: You'll receive tailored action items related to what we talked about after each meeting ensuring you stay on track.

  • Unlimited email/voice memo support: You’ll have my attention and support throughout our time together.

  • Mindset & goal coaching: We'll squash any fears or doubts you have as a business online. We'll specifically address anything that’s holding you back and kick ‘em to the curb.

  • Exercises & worksheets: When applicable you’ll be putting pen to paper and getting into action in between calls!

  • Testing & iteration: In between calls you'll be able to implement what we discussed, and I'm there if you need help.

  • A reliable strategy: When we're done, you'll have a new strategy to rely on.


 The C2C Intensive is a 3 month package

Your investment


Because this is a big investment, I require that you book a mini-session with me first so we can uncover where you’re stuck, what you’re up against in your business, and if I can help you. There’s no commitment.

I don’t take on anyone I can’t help or don’t think is ready.

Here’s what to expect when you click on that button:

  1. You’ll be walked through my online booking system. (This is a complimentary call, no credit card or commitment is required.)

  2. You’ll then receive an automated email confirming your consultation.

  3. I’ll call you on the day you chose. We’ll discuss where you’re at in your business, I’ll give you an overview of what I think you might need, and we’ll see what you need to do to get to the next level.

  4. Easy peasy!




“The weekly calls were informative and encouraging and kept me on task as I worked on the various aspects of my business. I have spent a lot of time and money on online workshops and classes and in the end they mostly left me with the illusion that I was working in my business but created very few actual measurable results. Meighan helped me truly work on my business. It’s easy to get into whack-a-mole, crisis management mode when you are a small business but Meighan really helped me to back up, look at the whole picture and develop a strategy for success!”

- Lisa DeMio, Red Staggerwing Designs 




“Meighan is a sure footed guide for making the most of your time online. I had gone off the radar for a year to develop a new coaching business and write my first book, and I hired Meighan to help be re-establish my voice to a new audience. She immediately honed in on my strengths and was honest about where I needed to step up, giving me practical tools to develop a consistent, well-considered online presence. I can't recommend Meighan's services enough: she speaks from first-hand experience in building online community and deep knowledge of new technology.”

- Kirsten Incorvia, Leadership Coach


What types of businesses is this Intensive for?

This opportunity is for service based businesses that want to grow or continue to grow their business online; business coaches, brand strategists, social media strategists and managers, creative educators, graphic designers, digital strategists, copywriters, bloggers, etc.

How long should I be in business for?

You should be within business for at least a year with a solid understanding of what your business offers. If you aren’t completely clear on your offers yet - that’s OK I can help! However, you should be committed to your business idea if you are within your first year.

Unfortunately, I don’t work with brand new businesses or newbies - meaning if you don’t have a basic business plan with some results, I can’t help you. I highly recommend you check out Rebecca Tracey’s self-study of Uncage Your Business.

How much time a week will this take?

Depending on what week it is it could be anywhere from 1-5 hours of work. Buuuuuut, everything we’ll be doing are things you should already be doing in your business. The difference is you’ll have me alongside you making sure you’re getting shit done and not wasting time.

What specifically do you go over in the intensive?

Each C2C Intensive is customized for the specific individual I’m working with and the goals they want to reach. I make sure each business gets a strategy that works for them, and we cover the gamut of online business marketing and growth in our time together. After our first meeting, you’ll get an outline of what our time will look like for the coming weeks. 

Why is it 3 months long? Can I book for less or more?

I want to make sure you get things done and see results. This time together allows us to tweak, iterate, and see what works and what needs fixing.

3 months allows us to get to know each other and work on your strategy together; you get to put things into place, and I can help you in the process. It’ll fly by once we get going!

If you need less time, check out the C2C Power Hour+.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are a service based business that’s ready to grow your business further online and put in the hard work and squash ideas and notions that have kept you stuck than The C2C Intensive is for you.

If you’re not willing to waste years trying to figure out how to grow your business online than The C2C Intensive is for you.

If you have had haphazard results or fits and starts growing your business online than The C2C Intensive is for you! We can figure it out together if the Intensive is right for you. There are no commitments at all once you book your mini-session with me.

Do you focus on social media at all?

We touch on social media, we focus on marketing and business strategy. All of which you can apply to your social media strategy. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, C2C is not for you. I’m happy to discuss how social media fits into one’s online strategy, but I have found over the years that there are many more (important) tactics and strategies to help one grow a business online. And in all honesty, most businesses waste time on social media, I can help you stop that.

When does this start and end?

When you decide to move forward we can start as soon as I have room on my calendar! The Intensive is 3 months long.


It works.

 “Meighan gave me tons of practical suggestions as well as ways of implementing everything I needed to do to grow my business online. Better than that though, it’s all working!”

- Past client, Acupuncturist & Herbalist


“Meighan is particularly strong at communicating and delivering practical teaching aids and helpful source material. Her breadth of knowledge is extensive, and she is that rare breed of consultant who can be as granular or abstract as you need her to be. She was instrumental in redirecting my career.”

- Past client, Brand strategist

Real growth.

“I started implementing what we talked about pretty much right away and the results in the first 30 days following our session are great! My website traffic is up around 20%. My revenue went up by 20% with an 8% increase in conversion. This is all pre-launch of my latest product, which was my best launch of all time!”

- Past client, Blogger and creative educator


Let’s do it!

Book your free strategy call below.