Crazed to Clarity Power Hour+

A razor focused call to bring you from crazed to clarity in 75 minutes flat.

Get focused, save time, and make more money in your business online.



You’re a hard working small business owner. I know you believe in your business more than anything you’ve ever done, and I know you’ve sacrificed a ton to make it happen. You’re proud of what you’ve built. And you should be.

But you’re damn tired when it comes to marketing your might even use the word “hate” to describe how it feels to market your business online.

You love what you do but there’s this an uncomfortable disconnect when it comes to translating what you do and growing your business online.

  • You're exhausted and rundown by marketing and growing your business online, and you’re continually wondering if what you’re doing is even working or a colossal waste of time.

  • You’re focusing too much on social media or things that aren’t getting you more clients and more exposure. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

  • When it comes to growing your business and what you offer you lack consistency and direction you simply need and want someone to tell you the steps to take to see results. You’re tired of the guesswork and wasted time.

  • All of this anxiety is bringing up self doubt and it’s infiltrating how you think about what you offer.

All of these feelings are chipping away at your confidence.

And those feelings suck.

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve been exactly where you are right now, and I can tell you that it’s not you at all. But I also know you know that underneath it all.

Growing your business online is hard. But it’s not impossible.

There is another side to this, I promise you. I’m not going to offer you get rich schemes or time wasting hacks that will get you little to no results. I’m going to give you strategies and tactics and I’m going to help you get to the other side.


Here’s what the other side looks like:

  • All that time you’ve wasted spinning your wheels? Say hello to more time. You’ll have more time to breath. And more time doing what you love.

  • You’ll look forward to selling your services and growing your business online because you have a plan that works.

  • You’ll feel confident and damn good about your business online. You’ll be grateful everyday for the choices you’ve made and so happy you’re here.

  • You’ll start to see real results in your business: you’ll gain more leads, you’ll get more clients, and you’ll start making more money in your business.


Meighan forges a path to creating a clear and creative online brand and then arms you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to cultivate and grow your business.
— Kerri Lee Johnson, Marion & Rose Fine Goods
Meighan is particularly strong at communicating and delivering practical teaching aids and helpful source material. Her breadth of knowledge is extensive, and she is that rare breed of consultant who can be as granular or abstract as you need her to be. She was instrumental in redirecting my career.
— Past client, Brand Strategist


Here's what we'll do & what you’ll get in our time together…

  • We’ll meet for an intensive 75 minute call - you’ll receive a link to our audio recordings to download and keep.

  • We'll discuss where you're at now, what you're struggling with, and what's holding you back, and how to take steps to move forward.

  • We'll go over proven strategies and solid tactics to implement as soon as we’re done to help you develop more leads, make more sales, and grow your business!

  • We’ll clarify the areas within your business to focus on and what to let go of.

  • We’ll squash any fears or doubts you have growing your business online. Worried about being too sales-y? Fearful of annoying people? We'll specifically address these mindset blocks and kick them to the curb.

  • Touch on resources and tools (that fit your budget) to help you implement everything we discussed.

You’ll receive permission to let go of garbage tactics so you can grow an online business that speaks to your values and truly represents you.

As a result of of working with Meighan I’ve not only started a regular newsletter, I have greater confidence in constructing one, and I’m creating a consistent connection with those on my list. Additionally, Meighan was instrumental in helping me get a lead magnet out of my head and onto my site, and from this magnet I’ve grown my list by roughly 15%!
— Megan Dowd, Brand Strategist & Coach
Meighan gave me tons of practical suggestions as well as ways of implementing everything I needed to do to grow my business online. Better than that though, it’s all working!
— Past client, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Some of the topics we might focus on in our time together are online marketing, content creation, your message, email marketing, systems to save you time and energy, increasing your sales and income, and mindset!

**If you feel like you need more focused, long term hands on help please check out The Crazed to Clarity Intensive.

Your investment:



I started implementing what we talked about pretty much right away and the results in the first 30 days following our session are great! My website traffic is up around 20%. My revenue went up by 20% with an 8% increase in conversion. This is all pre-launch of my latest product, which was my best launch of all time!
— Recent client