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 You’re eager to take the next steps in your business.

To set even bigger goals, to ensure success, and build longevity within your business.

You instinctively know it’s time to level up in your business, fill in the missing gaps in your marketing plan, and continue to take those big steps to increase your income.

But right now you feel stuck and you're getting tired of doing this alone; questioning your every move, and throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick.

Plus, everything changes seemingly day to day! And looking for the right answers feels almost like a full time job.

But you already have a job; a business to run.

(Is this where I insert the meme “you had one job.”? 🤣)

Facebook Groups and online communities are full of noise with general answers to very specific questions, plus you have to wade through so much to find an answer that might not even help you.

You’ve tried masterminds with peers, but people flake, the vibe isn’t conducive, and it feels like more work than you realized.

You don’t need another course or a workshop or another one hour 1:1, you need long term, reliable, support.

You want a group of driven women you can rely on, grow with, and above all feel safe with.

What you need is an ongoing support system that helps you put strategies and systems in place.

You need a dedicated group you can lean on, run ideas by, and get direct feedback that isn’t guesses (or judgement shrouded in “help”).

You need true solutions from people that have been there and get it, and implemented similar strategies in their own business.

You need a network of expertise and experience.




Reliable, dependable, smart support.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a support system you know you could lean on consistently?

A group that you could show up to and ask those needling questions or untangle that idea you’ve got but haven’t quite figured out the next steps?

A group that every time you walked away from you felt inspired by, and knew that you had received real advice, and solid steps to move you forward in your business?

A group of like minded individuals who not only understand what you’re doing but get it because they’re doing it too?




Introducing the Crescent Incubator

Get the support, guidance, and insight you've been looking for!

The Crescent Incubator is a 4 month business coaching program that brings together like minded business owners to work on their business.

I created the Incubator with you in mind. No, really!

Crescent Incubator is for business owners that are in the next phase of their business, those that have moved beyond social media and building an online presence.

It’s a program for accountability, growth, networking, and collaboration for service based businesses.

Crescent is a program for women and nonbinary folk owned businesses whom ultimately go it alone, and need the camaraderie and community of other like minded small business owners to get the direction and support they need so they can make things happen.

Through accountability, decisive action, expert insight and collaboration, we’ll work on increasing your income, refining your marketing, and moving those goal posts. Step by step and week by week!

Here’s what we’ll do together:

  • You’ll set and work on short and long term goals that will continue to grow your business.

  • You'll learn what you need to be working on in your business right now, and get it done.

  • You'll explore, learn, and carry out strategies to increase your income, build your network, and expand your business.

  • You'll implement these new strategies without ever feeling like you can't do it because you'll have support and guidance every step of the way!

  • You'll improve specific areas of your business and mindset; giving you insight into what to focus on and when, so you get the most out of your business instead of it getting the most out of you.

  • You'll meet and work alongside a community of women who know exactly where you’re at and what it’s like to run a business, supporting you and cheering you on every single week and long after the incubator ends.

  • You'll gain new confidence and perspective as you move into this next chapter of running your business!

Here’s how the Incubator works:

  • Meetings: We’ll meet as a group every other week via Zoom starting May 13th and go through August 20th. (You’ll be able to join via laptop or phone!) Every meeting will be recorded.

  • 1:1 coaching: We’ll also meet privately 1:1 twice in our time together.

  • Intimacy: Each group meeting will have no more than 3-6 people, allowing us to really get to know each other. This will allow us the opportunity to dive into your specific challenges and obstacles so you’ll walk away with actions to implement immediately.

  • Focused help: Our bi-weekly sessions will consist of 2-3 hot seats where members will have an opportunity to receive direct feedback on specific challenges each week. This is where we’ll focus on your business and goals and implement and frame strategies!

  • Goal setting: In our first meeting we’ll lay out short and long term goals for the rest of 2019 and beyond. Each week we’ll chip away at these goals, ensuring continued success throughout our time together.

  • Accountability: Every meeting begins with an update from members of what’s going on in their business, as well as wins and challenges. This allows us to stay accountable and on goal.

  • Community: We’ll also spend time in a private community. This is where we’ll share information and resources. It will also be a place for us to share our experience, ask questions, and request feedback and support on anything we’re working on day to day and between our calls. This means you always have support!


Private 1 on 1 sessions

Each member will meet twice with me privately for a 50 minute 1:1 session.

The private session will bookend our incubator, offering time to zero in on challenges and goals at the beginning of our time together and offer a wrap up session at the end to discuss wins and actions for the future.

These will be scheduled once our incubator is in session. 

Co-working Sessions

Getting some work done is much harder than others. With that in mind, we’ll have monthly co-working sessions (these are totally not mandatory!) where we’ll all gather on Zoom for one hour.

I’ll facilitate the call so we check in at the beginning, then go off screen for 25 minutes of work, then come back check in for 5, and then back for another 25. You will get much done!

Expert Q&A’s

We’ll meet with experts in their fields to discuss topics that are pertinent to the group.

These are TBA, and will be announced the first week of the incubator. I like to see who’ll be attending our Incubator before select experts are asked— that way we get to focus on areas of expertise that benefit the group. All calls will be recorded, and are not mandatory.

Our schedule:

The incubator meetings happen every other week with 2 groups to make space for everyone in the group, each group has 3-6 people.

Times each group meets weekly:

Incubator Group A meets Tuesdays at 12pm-1:30pm EDT
Incubator Group B meets Tuesdays at 3pm -4:30pm EDT

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Examples of results

My sales were up 30% last year - that’s a huge jump for where I am in my business. And I want to thank you for the huge part you played in that. The rebrand was certainly a factor but even that only happened because of the work I did with you. The work we did in the Incubator and then afterward absolutely helped me to bring my business to this point. I had very little knowledge of how or where to take my next steps.
I loved the community and support the program brought! It helped me enormously in terms of accountability. Knowing I had to report back kept me on goal in my business. And knowing I wasn’t alone with my business worries, such as stressing about being too salesy or what kind of content to share on social media or in my newsletter was huge.

The Incubator helped me figure out a major system for my business — outsourcing fulfillment for my product-based business. It has made things so much smoother in the flow of running my business.

Ready to invest in your business?

We're getting started on May 13th, 2019 and I would love to have you join us! Space is limited and each group is capped at 3-6 people. We’ll be accepting a total of 12 people.

Your investment:


1 Full Payment


5 Payments of



To join us for the Crescent Incubator, please complete your application below. This is not a competitive application, it’s strictly for me to ensure you are where you need to be in your business to join us and get the help you need. I want to be confidant I and the group can help you meet your goals.

Once accepted you'll then reserve your seat by making your first payment of either $2000 or $400 (you'll make 4 additional payments of $400 every 30 days) within 48 hours of being approved to join.

I would be thrilled to help you continue to grow your business! Fill out the application below.


More examples of results

Seriously, working with Meighan has made me feel like I can actually control my business, and get things done I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Honestly, I feel excited about my business again! So THANK YOU! Some of the best money I’ve spent in a long time on myself and my business.
It’s an investment in avoiding burnout. I was at that point where what I was doing wasn’t really sustainable to be able to grow my business because I was spending too much time on the nitty gritty.
I wasn’t ready to hire someone yet, so this was a good bridge from running it myself and bringing on some other brains [to help me].


 Is this a course? How is it different?

No, this is not a course. This is a live group coaching commitment that spans over 4 months with other business owners.

It's an interactive opportunity for you to learn and implement strategies and tactics in real time, while getting feedback and support for your specific issues in the process.

How many people total in group?

There will be no more than 6 people in each video call. Right now, I expect it to be very small so it could be as small as 3-4 people. It's a perfect opportunity for you to get focused, hands on help. 

How will it be structured?

We'll meet every other Tuesday for 90 minutes (see above for individual group times). Every week we'll have hot seats where 3-4 people will bring an issue they're struggling with or something they're working on and we'll discuss at length.

In between calls we'll hang out in a private community - OFF Facebook - where everyone can get daily support and keep in touch.

How much time will this take each week?

Here’s one of the coolest things about Mastermind: we’ll be spending an hour and change each week focusing on your business together. We’ll be diving into, dissecting, and putting strategies into place that you will (or should) be working on regardless!

More often than not you’re already working on a lot of these things in your business. Being part of the Incubator will allow you to accelerate your progress with a group of your peers and actually implement things and learn in the process!

This sounds great! But will this work for me?

While I can't promise specific results, I can tell you when I ran this program last year and in 2017, everyone and I mean everyone made incredible strides within their business.

One business owner increased her revenue by 30%! Another was able to implement a system that allowed her to work form all over the world. And increased her revenue more that she ever had in her business!

Everyone that has done this program have gone onto increase their revenue, grew their audiences, boosted their exposure, hired employees, and more.

This is exactly why I now offer this opportunity in my business so others can see similar results.

This looks great, but I’m not sure I can commit. When will you be running it again?

I’m going to be really frank with you. I’ve been in business for 6+ years and I’ve learned time and time again that if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Which in some ways, that’s safe. Right? But safe doesn’t allow us to dream big. And I know you can be more in your business, and I know you think so too.

And I have been safe before, and I have watched opportunities go right by me because I was afraid. I don’t want that for you. Don’t do what I did and play it safe.

I have a few more questions...

I understand this is a big investment for many small businesses. If you would like to email me to ask other questions or set up a call to chat, please do. You can contact me through this form.