Increase your profits, grow your business, and knock your goals out of the park!

Take your business to the next level in our Fall mastermind!


You've worked hard on your business this year!

You've put in the time.

You've set goals.

And you've taken steps to continue to move your business forward.

You’re eager to meet those goals, continue to ensure success, and build longevity within your business.

But honestly, you're getting tired of doing this all alone; questioning your every move and throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick.

It's kind of exhausting!

You know you would continue to thrive if you had consistent support, direction, and guidance.

But looking for all of that almost feels like a full time job!

Facebook Groups are full of noise, friends tend to flake, and you're not so sure you want to share everything (sores and all!) with peers in your industry.

You want a group of driven women you can rely on, trust, and grow with!

Look no further! That's where our weekly mastermind group comes in!

We'll offer you support, direct guidance, and help you continue to build your business every week!

Introducing the Crescent Mastermind 

The Crescent Mastermind is an exclusive 12 week business opportunity that brings together like minded business owners every week to work on their business through marketing and business strategy.

Get the support, guidance, and insight you've been looking for!

Our weekly discussions will focus on topics such as social media, online marketing, content creation, email marketing, systems to save you time and energy, goal setting, increasing our sales and income, product and service development, mindset and much more.

Through accountability, decisive action, expert insight and collaboration we’ll work on increasing your income, refining your marketing, and moving those goal posts. Step by step and week by week!


Hear what Christine has to say about her experience in the Mastermind...

I loved the community and support the program brought last fall! It helped me enormously in terms of accountability. Knowing I had to report back each week kept me on goal in my business. And knowing I wasn't alone with my business worries, such as stressing about being too salesy or what kind of content to share on social media or in my newsletter was huge. 

The Mastermind helped me figure out a major system for my business — outsourcing fulfillment for my product-based business. It has made things so much smoother in the flow of running my business. It was a big goal I got to finally check off. The mastermind helped me reevaluate my goals, and I ended up shifting from my original goal of going to the Stationery Show to being able to run my business from anywhere in the world!
- Christine Herrin, Designer and Founder of Everyday Explorers, 2017 Mastermind Alumni

During our time together:

  • You'll set and work on short and long term goals that will build your business for years to come.

  • You'll learn what you need to be working on in your business right now, and get it done.

  • You'll explore, learn, and carry out marketing strategies to increase your income, build your following, and expand your business.

  • You'll implement these new strategies without ever feeling like you can't do it because you'll have support and guidance every step of the way! (You'll feel the fear and do it anyway! Because that's how you grow and we'll be there to hold your hand.)

  • You'll improve specific areas of your business and mindset; giving you insight into what to focus on and when, so you get the most out of your business.

  • You'll meet and work alongside a community of women who know exactly where you’re at and what it’s like to run a business, supporting you and cheering you on every single week and long after the incubator ends.

  • You'll gain new confidence and perspective as you move into this next chapter of running your business!

Here’s how Crescent works:

  • We’ll meet every week via Zoom conferencing (an online video software platform) beginning on September 10th, 2018 and go through December 3rd - just in time to make sure you can sail into the new year!
  • Our weekly sessions will consist of 2-3 hot seats where 2-3 members will have an opportunity to receive direct feedback on specific challenges each week. This is where we’ll focus on your business and goals and implement and frame strategies!

  • Each coaching meeting will have no more than 4-5 people. This will allow us the opportunity to dive into your specific challenges and obstacles so you’ll walk away with actions to implement immediately.

  • In our first meeting we’ll lay out short and long term goals for your 4th quarter (and beyond). Each week we’ll chip away at these goals, ensuring continued success throughout our time together.

  • Every meeting begins with an update from members of what’s going on in their business, as well as wins and challenges. This allows us to stay accountable and on goal.

  • We’ll also spend time in a private community. This is where we’ll share information and resources. It will also be a place for us to share our experience, ask questions, and request feedback and support on anything we’re working on day to day and between our calls. This means you always have support! 

Hear what Sarah has to say about her experience in the Mastermind...

 “It’s an investment in avoiding burnout. I was at that point where what I was doing wasn’t really sustainable to be able to  grow my business because I was spending too much time on the nitty gritty.
I wasn’t ready to hire someone yet, so this was a good bridge from running it myself and bringing on some other brains [to help me].
- Sarah Golden, Fine Artist & Pattern Designer, 2017 Mastermind Alumni

Is Crescent Mastermind right for you?

Crescent Mastermind
  • You’ve been in business for more than 18 months and you're making sales and selling your services. You may not be exactly where you want to be, but you're ready to move those goal posts!
  • You're looking to try new things and work in a community setting where you'll get support, direct feedback, and tough love. 

  • You have the basics down in your business (social media, content creation, etc.). Now you're ready to experiment and implement new marketing and business strategies. You're willing to put in the hard work.

  • You're open to collaboration and hearing what others have been through, as well as ready to offer real actionable support - you understand you can’t build a business in a vacuum.

  • You're driven. You follow through on your plans and goals. It may not always be perfect, but you take the time and effort to get in there and put in the work!

  • Crescent is not right for you if your business is just starting out, its struggling to make income and traction, or you are unhappy or burned out with your business.

With the smaller numbers of our group I really felt like I was getting individual attention and advice - not just from Meighan but from my fellow group members. The generosity that Meighan leads with is contagious and it helped to create a sense of community that you don’t often find online. 
The weekly calls were informative and encouraging and kept me on task as I worked on the various aspects of my business.  And that’s the super cool part - I was working on the things that were part of my daily business! No huge workbooks or client profiles to stumble through. This was real time help for the day to day tasks I needed to do anyway. From social media, website layout, newsletter format, product photography, wholesale pricing, and overall branding, we pretty much covered it all. 
I have spent a lot of time and money on online workshops and classes and in the end they mostly left me with the illusion that I was working in my business but created very few actual measurable results. The Mastermind helped me to truly work on my business and provide insight on where my focus was best placed.  It’s easy to get into whack-a-mole, crisis management mode when you are a small business but the Mastermind really helped me to back up, look at the whole picture, and develop a strategy for success!
- Lisa DeMio, Founder and product designer Red Staggerwing Handmade Bags, 2017 Mastermind Alumni


Our mastermind meetings happen every week with 2 groups to make space for everyone in the group, each group has 4-5 people.

Times each group meets weekly:

  • Group A meets Mondays at 12pm-1:15pm EDT
  • Group B meets Mondays at 2pm -3:15pm EDT
Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 12.24.45 PM.png


How many people total in group?

There will be no more than 5 people in each video call. Right now, we expect it to be very small so it could be as small as 3-4 people. It's a perfect opportunity for you to get focused, hands on help.

Is this a course? How is it different?

No, this is not a course. This is a live group coaching commitment that spans over 12 weeks with other business owners.

It's an interactive opportunity for you to learn and implement strategies and tactics in real time, while getting feedback and support for your specific issues in the process. 

How will it be structured?

We'll meet every Monday for an hour and 15 minutes (see above for individual group times). Every week we'll have hot seats where 2 or 3 people will bring an issue they're having or something they're working on and we'll discuss at length.

In between calls we'll hang out in a private community - OFF Facebook - where everyone can get daily support and keep in touch.

How much time will this take each week?

Here’s one of the coolest things about Mastermind: we’ll be spending an hour and change each week focusing on your business together. We’ll be diving into, dissecting, and putting strategies into place that you will (or should) be working on regardless!

More often than not you’re already working on a lot of these things in your business. Being part of the Mastermind will allow you to accelerate your progress with a group of your peers and actually implement things and learn in the process!

I'm ramping up for holiday season and concerned I won't have the time to dedicate to it.

The Mastermind is here to help you continue to build and grow your business - it's a support system. Our plan is for it to help you get what you need to get done in a more efficient manner.

You'll be working on stuff you would be working on already, but as part of the Mastermind with our support we'll help you really narrow in on what you need to do, and how to get it done.

There's no homework I give you - it's simply taking care of business! 

This sounds great! But will this work for me?

While we can't promise specific results, I can tell you when we ran this program last year, everyone and I mean everyone made incredible strides within their business. They increased their income, grew their audiences, boosted their exposure, hired employees, and more. See the testimonials above to get a better idea of the results from some of the attendees.

I can tell you personally, that my business didn’t start to evolve until I made real changes and worked in communities like this. My business didn’t start to bring in more income and receive new opportunities until I worked with other like minded peers and sought professional guidance to help me with my unique issues. But the most important thing that happened? I didn’t take risks that led to all of these changes until I had others tell me: you can do this. And that's exactly why I now offer this in my own business.

This is exactly why I now offer this opportunity in my business now so others can see the results.

I have a few more questions...

I understand this is a big investment for many small businesses. If you would like to email me to ask other questions or set up a call to chat, please do. You can contact me through this form.