Hello! I’m Meighan O’Toole

I help coaches and consultants just like you grow your business online so you’ll have more time doing the things you really love.

I know this matters to you because you’ve worked hard to build your business and you’re passionate about getting your clients results. You’ve got a lot more to share and you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Small Steps. Big Results.

You’re willing to do what it takes to make your business work, but it’s overwhelming trying to tackle the online world of marketing, blogging, video… it’s exhausting just knowing where to start!

It’s time to put a stop to:

  • Wasting your time on social media doing things that aren’t getting you clients.

  • Writing, then rewriting, then rewriting your copy again because you aren’t sure how to communicate how awesome your business is. (And maybe you’ve even abandoned writing about what you do online altogether?)

  • Worrying that you’re being too smarmy or “that person” when talking about your business online.

  • Putting it off until everything feels just right.


You’re ready to grow your business

All you need is someone to tell you exactly what to do to get results and guide you through the steps so you can:

  • Start speaking to the right people that want to hire you.

  • Communicate clearly the first time and get back to what you love doing: serving your clients.

  • Feel confident because you have a solid growth plan in place that’s working for YOU.

You’re ready to finally grow your business online in a way that feels easy and gets you results.

Meighan immediately honed in on my strengths and was honest about where I needed to step up, giving me practical tools to develop a consistent, well-considered online presence.
— Kirsten Incorvia, coach, writer, and entrepreneur
Her ability to step into the shoes of my target market and really see (long before I do) where my true gifts are, has been vital in growing my small business.
— Ashley Neese, breathwork teacher and author