Growing your business online doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle.

I know you’re ready to grow a business that feels good again, represents your ethics, & gets real results!

You can have that. And I’ll help you make it happen.

You love your business. You’re willing to do what it takes to make it work, but it’s overwhelming trying to figure out what your next steps are. I know because I have been in the exact space you’re in right now.

Things change so quickly. It’s all distracting. It’s exhausting just knowing where to start.

Ready for a solution? Read on!

Stop overwhelm. Stop wasting time. Stop wondering what works.

Through strategy, marketing, and mindset

I’ll help you stand out within your industry without selling your soul in the process.



Small Steps. Big Results.

Meighan O'Toole


I’m Meighan O’Toole,

I’m a business coach and strategist. I help service-based businesses (just like you!) strategically grow their businesses online.

If you’re a business coach, social media strategist, creative educator, graphic designer, digital strategist, copywriter, blogger, photographer, brand strategist then welcome!

Get ready to stop wasting time and wondering what your next steps are! I’m here for you!

I’ll help you stop:

  • Wasting your time on social media doing things that aren’t getting you clients.

  • Struggling to communicate how awesome your business is.

  • Worrying that you’re being too smarmy or “that person” when talking about your business online.

  • Spinning your wheels wondering what the next right step to take is as watch your bank account dwindle.

  • Putting off growing your business further until everything feels just right.

I’ll help you start:

  • Looking beyond social media to grow your business in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

  • Focusing on your strengths so you can set yourself apart in the sea of noise online.

  • Speaking to the right people that want to hire you so you’re making more money and inroads in your industry.

  • Getting clear on your goals and intentions and help you outline the steps to meet them.

  • Creating content that resonates with your ideal clients and represents who you are and what you offer.

  • Saving time in your business by showing you best practices, systems, and workflows that will help you run your business better.

    Ready to grow your business further?

As someone who felt allergic to the idea of sales and marketing, Meighan helped me to look at my business holistically. Helping me to see I can connect with people who will truly benefit from my services. She explains the why behind her strategy, beyond a pat answer of “that’s marketing”. I felt both confident in putting her suggestions into action, but also that they also align with my particular values.
— Rebekah Nathan, Photographer and Doula
Thank you SO much, Meighan! Our meeting was so helpful and I now have a really good plan to move forward. Thank you for the smart tools, information, and guidance on my business and insights into my roadblocks and for believing in me when I doubt.
— Annie Kip, Life Coach and Stylist
Work with Meighan
I loved working with Meighan and felt so comfortable, never shamed or judged for what I hadn’t been doing. I now have a clear strategy for communicating online from newsletters, blog posts, social media, etc. The most important thing I gained from working with Meighan was keeping it authentic to me. Watching the growth trajectory feels like something I can celebrate - organic, authentic growth.
— Megan deBoer, Financial Wellness Coach