Grow Your Business Suite

Learn the fundamental elements to grow your business further with this special offer masterclass suite!

All 4 Masterclasses

  • Grow Your Brand Masterclass: The 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Brand Message that Resonates: $37, Recorded on January 31st (you’ll receive a link to this recording)

  • Captivate the Right Client: The Essential Foundation for Speaking to Your Ideal Client: $37, February 28th, 2pm EDT (check your time zone here)

  • Content is Fundamental:† The 8 Step Process for Developing a Content Strategy that Converts: $67, March 27th, 2pm EDT (check your time zone here)

  • Your Unique Marketing Strategy:† Create a Marketing Strategy that’s unique to you: $37, April 24th, 2pm EDT (check your time zone here)

    *:Titles subject to change and prices subject to change

    : Sales pages to come

All of these masterclasses offer foundational education to help you grow a business that thrives online. You can not grow a successful, profitable business without these steps.

They each offer stand alone action and education that you can implement in your business as soon as we’re done. And the very cool part, is they all lead into the next, so not only will you have actionable education but a branding and marketing strategy to put into place when you are finished!

And because I’m so excited about this suite of masterclasses I am offering them all today for $97!

Buy the entire suite today for just $97

(That’s a savings of over 60%! And you’ll be able to apply that cost to one of my services if you work with me in 2019!)

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Each masterclass will offer a variety of education and bonuses, the below list is just an overview of what to expect.

✔️ Foundational education and exercises to grow your brand, attract more client, and make more money.

✔️ Workbooks, suggestions of resources and tools to help you grow your business further.

✔️ Access to watch all of the masterclasses anytime you choose. Can’t show up live? No problem, you ‘ll get a link to each class after it airs.

✔️ Access to Q&A sessions at the end of each masterclass so you can get eyes and ears on your business.

✔️ PDF files to each presentation.

✔️ SPECIAL BONUS: If you decide to work with my in 2019, you can apply the $97 to one of my offers!

After you sign up, you’ll get a receipt from PayPal, you’ll receive an email from me within 24-48hrs with details about the masterclass suite.

Buy the entire suite today for just $97 (savings of $61)

PLEASE NOTE: you’re paying for the masterclass suite through PayPal, please be sure to check the email you use for PayPal. That is where you will receive all the info for the class. I can’t be held responsible for misplaced emails for the masterclass. If you would like to use another email address than the one you use for email - please email me at Thanks!