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Pinterest for Your Creative Business

Learn how to use one of the largest search engines online to increase your brand reach, drive traffic, and make sales in your business!


Learn how to use Pinterest in your online strategy for your small business in this previously recorded workshop!

You'll be armed with best practices, actionable tips, and resources to help get your business front and center on one of the most powerful search engines online.

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We discuss in this workshop:

Pinterest for Your Creative Business | Meighan O'Toole
  • How I built my Pinterest following from 1800 to over 11 thousand followers (and it continues to grow!). I’ll share everything I did to get there.
  • How to get started on Pinterest, or breathe new life into a dormant account.
  • Why using Pinterest to share your work, products, or services will help you build your online business.
  • Why you absolutely should have a business account on Pinterest, and what that entails (and how it will help you, not hinder you!).
  • How often to pin, what to pin, and why you should schedule your pins.
  • How to optimize your profile and pins so they show up in Pinterest's search.
  • How to grow your following on Pinterest.
  • Best practices to adhere to when pinning and creating your presence there - it’s not like any other social media platform.

  • How Pinterest's Smart Feed works.

Her straightforward suggestions for Pinterest grew my following by 200% in just shy of 3 weeks!
— Ashley Neese, Breathwork Teacher & Author

When you're done:

  • You’ll understand exactly how to use Pinterest to promote your business and drive traffic back to your website or shop.
  • You’ll never, ever feel gross or annoying while marketing your business on Pinterest (people love to shop and learn about new things there!).

  • You’ll wonder why you waited so long to use Pinterest as part of your online marketing.

  • You'll know what to post, when to post, and how much to post.

  • You'll learn how to brand your pins so they’re recognizable immediately.

  • You’ll have a firm understanding of how to get started - allowing you to get started growing your account ASAP.

I came to Meighan for some very specific help with Pinterest. In a very short period of time, and with very precise and clear direction, she helped me to understand very easy and actionable things I could do to elevate my presence and impact on that platform. In just a couple of months, I’ve seen tangible results.
— Lisa Congdon, Artist, Author, & Designer

With your purchase you'll receive:

  • Access to watch the workshop indefinitely.
  • A free month of the only Pinterest scheduling tool I recommend.
  • A downloadable ebook workbook with everything I cover in class.
  • A downloadable PDF of the slide deck.


Who is this workshop perfect for?

  • Product and service based businesses that want to build their business, increase brand reach, grow their audience, and make sales online.

  • Individuals that have a decent understanding of how to get around online and use the Internet day to day (no need for high tech knowledge, however you should have a clear understanding of how to navigate the Internet).

  • People brand new to Pinterest or have used the platform haphazardly in the past.

Enroll in and access

the recorded workshop now!