The Omg Tracking Kit: A Mini-Course

The OMG Tracking Kit

Track your online marketing growth & website traffic & make better decisions in your business!

The OMG Tracking Kit offers detailed spreadsheets with formulas and graphs; visually demonstrating your growth and allowing you the ability to measure your growth month over month within your marketing online.

This kit will help inform your decision making in your online marketing; you'll see what channels are growing, where your traffic is coming from, and where you should be focusing your efforts.

SALE! Anatomy of a Newsletter**

Anatomy of a Newsletter Course

Develop a successful, compelling, & profitable email strategy for your small business!

You know you need a newsletter strategy for your business.

It feels like everybody is talking about it.


You're worried you don't know what say, you're stressed about being "annoying", and you're just unsure how to begin.

This workshop will change all of that.

**Please note this course is on sale because it will be discontinued in 2019

SALE! Pinterest for Your Creative Business**

Pinterest for Your Creative Business

Use this powerful search engine to increase your brand reach, drive traffic, and make sales in your business!

Learn how to use Pinterest in your online strategy for your small business in this previously recorded workshop!

You'll be armed with best practices, actionable tips, and resources to help get your business front and center on one of the most powerful search engines online.

**Please note this course is on sale because it will be discontinued in 2019

SALE! Create a Social Media Strategy You Love!**

Anatomy of a Newsletter Course

Create a foundation to help you build a sustainable, productive, and enjoyable social media strategy.

Are you tired of throwing things up on social media and hoping they work?

Do you wonder if the time spent online is actually worth it?

Are you afraid of being too sales-y online?

In this course, you’ll lose all of those feelings and gain clarity. You’ll learn how to outline, build, and create a social media strategy that not only performs and delivers, but one you love and feel good about.

This course will offer tools, resources, and expertise. You'll walk away with a social media strategy that represents your brand, meets your goals, and sells your products and services.

**Please note this course is on sale because it will be discontinued in 2019