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Why Gaining More Followers Isn't the First Thing to Focus On

Why “Gain More Followers” is Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Last week I wrote a piece for CreativeLive about increasing your following on Pinterest. In my opinion it’s an educational, helpful article, I believe it spells out steps to increase your following. The team I worked with made an incredible infographic (and I don’t think I’ve ever described an infographic in such terms), it visually lines […]

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What's Your Story?

Nicole Stevenson & Delilah Snell on What's Your Story Podcast

Dear Handmade Life: Delilah Snell & Nicole Stevenson

On today’s show I talk with Delilah Snell and Nicole Stevenson of Dear Handmade Life, artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. I was excited to bring Delilah and Nicole on the show because they are a great example of a successful business helping and enriching their community and doing many different things.

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