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The Importance of Listening Online

The Importance of Listening Online

Are you listening online for mentions of your brand? It’s important to set up a plan to keep an ear out for mentions of your business, No brand is too small to make sure they’re paying attention to what’s being said about them online.

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What's Your Story?

What's Your Story: Rosalie Gale talks about Shower Art, Listening to Your Gut, & Getting Things Done

Rosalie Gale

Today’s guest is my friend and very funny lady Rosalie Gale. Rosalie lives and works in Seattle Washington where she co-owns the shop Ugly Baby and La Ru.

Today on the show we discuss how her product Shower Art, a colorful rubber sculpture filled with glitter, came to be. We also dive into feelings and when to really listen — like when every fiber in your being is telling you it DOES NOT WANT TO DO SOMETHING. Rosalie learned this through years of dabbling in standup and we discuss how this really opened her up to paying attention to her feelings.

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