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Every minute counts as a small business owner, organizing my time and delegating tasks has helped me enormously. Here's how a simple adjustment in my schedule cleared up my schedule and made me fee a whole lot more sane around the banalities of running a small business.

Admin Mondays a.k.a How I Don’t Lose My Mind as a Small Business Owner

I’m a super organized person, but there’s something about paperwork and similar banalities that just get lost on me. I’ve been in business for four years, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. One thing I kept letting get super out of hand in my first few years in business […]

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How to handle social media during a tragic event.

How to Handle Social Media During a Tragic Event

When tragedy strikes one of the last things we think about is our social media content. And too right. But, if you’re a business online, it actually might be something you want to think about immediately, if only to keep your business from coming over as tone deaf or insensitive during a tragic event. I […]

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