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Learn how joining Twitter chats can help you network and establish yourself!

Twitter Chats: How to Join, & Why You Should!

Twitter chats are an excellent way to connect to industry peers, learn for free, establish yourself, and share information. I’ve loved Twitter chats for a very long time, and have joined in with them often in the past. I’ve always wanted to host one, but never had the time. But I’m making time for one now, […]

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How the Pomodoro Technique saves me time and keeps me focused.

How the Pomodoro Timer Saves Me Time & Keeps Me Focused

When I first started working for myself in 2012, I wasted so much time online. It’s a reality when you work for yourself; if you’re not disciplined with time you can really hurt your business. After wasting literally hours in social media rabbit holes I realized I was going to be out of a job […]

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