Hello, friend.

I know you’re tired of the BS marketing tactics too.

I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve got your back.




Like I said above, I’m so glad you’re here.


You’re here because you believe in your business. You know deep down that you have a gift.

You show up because you want to serve others and make a difference in your client’s lives and in the world.

You’re damn good at it.

I see you. I get it. I understand.

I started my business because I found great meaning in what I do. Helping others gave me purpose and drive. And I know that’s the same for you too.


But running a business, while awesome, is HARD.

✨ You meet your goals, and then those goal posts move (which ultimately is great!).

✨ But things seem to change almost daily, it’s so hard to keep up.

✨ There’s just so much to do. all. the. damn. time.

✨ You’re constantly challenging yourself, but you’re pretty tired of figuring it out on your own.


What was once exciting now feels…kind of ugh.

There comes a point in every business where the excitement starts to wear off and that exhilarating feeling is replaced with not exactly exhaustion but a kind of creeping anxiety of what to do next? 😳

You’ve hit your goals. You’ve made awesome strides. You’ve most likely moved into a new income bracket. Baby’s all growed up.


You’ve plateaued. Now it’s time to take your next steps and get that excitement back.

Which is absolutely doable. You just need a little support (👋 hi!)

But right now it’s hard to feel excited about anything because you’re most likely feeling stuck, distracted, and overwhelmed/frustrated.

I can tell you first hand that there’s a way out of feeling like this. I can also tell you moving your business and your mindset to the next level are totally within your reach.

And I’m even happier to tell you, you’re much closer than you realize.




 So who am I?


I’m a small business owner just like you. I started my business because I wanted to work for myself, and I believed I had what it took.

Over the past 6+ years I’ve grown my business online through being exactly who I want to be.

No gimmicks.

No shady marketing tactics.

Never being someone I’m not.

And there’s certainly no get rich quick schemes happening over here either.

I hate the bro-marketing garbage as much as you do.

It’s oppressive. It’s toxic. It’s not who we are or how we want our businesses to act.

Which is exactly why you’re here.

I’m driven by helping women and nonbinary entrepreneurs (just like you!) grow your business in a way that not only supports you, but aligns with your values and ethics.

Yes, you can have that.

This is my passion.

It’s my calling.

And I’d be honored to share this journey of growing our businesses together.

I’ve been stuck in the weeds before too. I’m determined to make this shit easier for everyone I work with — because just like you — I knew there was another side to all of this.

I just wanted someone to tell me what to do.

Sound familiar?

I’ve learned a lot and realized many things about what running a business is all about.

I want that for you too, except it would be without the YEARS of figuring it out on your own and without all of the mistakes I made.


The Reader’s Digest version

Where I’ve been

I’ve lived multiple lives and reinvented myself plenty of times, all while remaining true to who I am.

Below is a snapshot of some highlights that have helped me get to where I am today.

  • I grew up in inner city Boston with a single mother who worked her ass off and taught my siblings and myself the value of networking, how to be self-reliant, and how to always make sure we have a voice in this world. These values have defined me as a person and are the fundamental beliefs in my business.

  • When I was 22 I flew to London on a one way ticket (pretty sure you can’t do that anymore!), to intern at Amnesty International for 3 months, I ended up staying and living there illegally for almost 2 years.

  • I worked in the high-end retail world for a long time before I shifted my career to tech, marketing, and online business growth. In 2001 Kate Spade moved me to San Francisco to run their flagship store.

  • In the early to mid aughts I discovered Friendster, Flickr, and then Myspace and taught myself basic code and started creating things online.

  • In 2005 I discovered blogs and I was hooked! I started one of the first indy art blogs online, and when all was said and done, that little blog garnered over 3 million views and 1.7 million visitors.

  • Fiddling around on the Internet quite literally brought me to work for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. I’ve worked as a social media strategist and community manager for some websites you might be familiar with: Yahoo, Wired Magazine, and Wikia (Wikipedia’s community sister site).

  • In 2012 I started my own business to help small businesses grow online, my aim is to work with people like you, cheering you on as you make inroads in your industry and blazing those trails!


No more just existing, it’s time for you to shine.

I believe businesses like ours can serve others, be profitable, and that we never ever have to feel gross about it.

I do what I do because I don’t want other business owners to struggle for years trying to grow their businesses online. I want women, LGBTQIA folk, and people of color to win and carve their own profitable path online.

Clients that have worked with me in the past have:

  • Found greater confidence to sell their services.

  • Grown their audience and knocked their goals out of the park.

  • Made more money and moved into 6 figure brackets.

  • Positioned themselves as trailblazers and standout businesses within their industries.

  • Found meaning and joy again within the day to day running of their businesses.

You’re incredible at what you do. Let’s make it even better so your business is supporting you and ensure that you have the best foot forward as you grow.

The Internet has offered me endless opportunities, and I’ve helped hundreds of businesses find their own promise within it.

Now, let me help you.