Hi I’m Meighan!

I help small creative businesses define exactly what they need to do to build a profitable business online.


I’m here to show you how to run a successful business online, make more money, and build better relationships doing it.

I will give you the tools, resources, and insight to make more sales, gain customers for life, and allow you more time to continue to do what you love.

I’m not going to sell you some “get rich quick” scheme, because I know those don’t work. I’m also not going to show you some growth hack to help you gain a 1000 followers in 30 days, because those don’t attract your ideal client.

I’ll cut through all of the noise the Internet shovels at you, and give you a solid plan that allows you to not only exist, but thrive in a world that’s always changing. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to run your business online, you’ll no longer doubt yourself, and you’ll know precisely what you need to do to keep growing.

Since 2012 I have helped hundreds of individuals, small businesses, and world renowned companies and institutions define and develop their business online.

I’ve built my presence online by pursuing a curiosity to connect and share information with others through blogging, social media, and technology.

In 2007, I launched, My Love for You, an art blog dedicated to sharing art I loved geared at women like myself; from yarn bombing to fine art. By surrounding myself with talented artists from all over the world and creating content through studio visits, interviews, Q&As, and podcasts I experienced the magic of the Internet first hand. That website garnered over 3 million views and 1.7 million visitors.

After managing and running my blog for just over 2 years, I was approached and hired by Yahoo! to help strategize and develop their corporate social media verticals in Silicon Valley based on the work I had performed for my own website and Twitter feed. I then went on to work as a community manager for Wikia (Wikipedia’s community site), and WIRED Magazine in San Francisco, CA

Although I learned a lot and had incredible opportunities, I never felt quite right in the corporate tech world. I realized that my true passion lie in connecting people like myself to resources that made life and work much more interesting. In 2012, I launched my own company dedicated to helping others build their business online.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses expand and build their online experience and achieve their goals. I thrive by helping others define and carve out their own special area of the Internet.

The Internet has offered me endless opportunities, and I have helped hundreds of businesses find their own promise within it.

Now let me help you.

Here are the areas I focus on & where I will support you

  • Business strategy

  • Digital strategy

  • Social media strategy & training

  • Content strategy & development

  • Blogging strategy & training


  • Email marketing strategy & training

  • Mindset & goal development

  • Productivity and system creations

  • Analytic and statistics reporting

  • Software & systems