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Distraction, Overwhelm, & Self-Care Online: Tips to Take Care Online

A while back, I happened upon this list of things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and want to give up. This document really spoke to me on many levels. In the past, I’ve struggled with being extremely hard on myself which has resulted in not taking care of myself. Self-care has become a big part of my adult life, and I'm often tweaking how I work to be better, kinder, and nicer to myself.

What I loved most about this list, was how this list addresses so much of what we all deal with, and it offers really simple ways to take care of yourself in times of darkness.

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Admin Mondays a.k.a How I Don't Lose My Mind as a Small Business Owner

I'm a super organized person, but there's something about paperwork and similar banalities that just get lost on me.

I've been in business since 2012, and I've learned a lot. I've also made a lot of mistakes.

One thing I continued to let get super out of hand in my first few years in business were mail (like actual snail mail), paper work, bookkeeping, and all the nitty gritty no one likes doing on the backend of a business.

Luckily, this is no longer an issue for me.

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17 Things to Do During the Summer Slump for Your Small Business

Don't lay down with the dogs of summer! We're just about to hit the middle of summer, and that means the online world and pretty much everything else is about to slow way down.

For most small businesses the summer months tend to feel a bit of a snail's crawl; days can feel like they're creeping by. But guess what, we're less than 6 weeks out from the beginning of September! 

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Social Media Was Kind of the Worst in 2016: Positive Ways to Move Forward in 2017

After the election last year, social media felt like the worst. The signal to noise ratio was deafening. Opinions (including my own) were everywhere.

With the proliferation of fake news, constant outrage, and politics on all sides -- literally every where you looked -- there seemed to be a barrage of senseless and at times seemingly hopeless noise. Spending time online turned into a draining and distracting experience (way more than normal, ugh) for many businesses towards the end of 2016. Making it increasingly harder to focus on what we needed to do as creative businesses.

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How the Pomodoro Timer Saves Me Time & Keeps Me Focused

When I first started working for myself in 2012, I wasted so much time online. It's a reality when you work for yourself; if you're not disciplined with time you can really hurt your business.

After wasting literally hours in social media rabbit holes I realized I was going to be out of a job real soon if I didn't start focusing on my business. This is where my new fascination with productivity developed. I started to read a lot about productivity, and realized it was something I really love (and love to talk about).

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5 Reasons You're Not Being Productive & Ways to Combat Them

Last year, I embarked on a 365 day project of making something every day, and it opened my eyes up to how little I was doing in both my business and creative life.

I love blogging, and for the most part I've been blogging since 2005 (hello, Myspace - never did discover LiveJournal, I feel like I really missed a rite of passage there...), and it's something I absolutely love.

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