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Build an online business you love and feel proud of!

Social media and building an online presence doesn’t have to leave you feeling gross, overwhelmed, or like you’re wasting your time. Seriously!

I’ll show you where to focus your efforts, how to create content that speaks to your ideal follower, and the steps you need to take to build the successful online business you've been dreaming about.

Online Workshop: Anatomy of a Newsletter

Develop a successful & profitable email strategy!

 Join us for our upcoming live workshop, Anatomy of a Newsletter!

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Social Media

You're ready to build a following and establish your business online with social media.


Email Marketing

You want to develop a profitable email strategy for your small business.



You're ready to stop wasting time, make real progress, and get things done!


Business Strategy

My online presence and email strategy are solid, let's grow my business further!


Hi I'm Meighan,

Over my career I've helped hundreds of small businesses build their businesses online.

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